TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Al slimes Natalie on live TV

In honor of Natalie Morales’ upcoming appearance on Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, Al Roker covers her with a bucket of green slime. Natalie is participating in the awards to raise money for the Boston bombing victims.

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>>> natalie, time has come. in honor of the kids choice awards next week, you're getting slimed.

>> raising money.

>> uh you want to raise money for the boston victims.

>> natalie . not doing this just to do this.

>> right.

>> i'm donating 500.

>> you will?

>> i will.

>> i will match your 500.

>> very good.

>> i love it!

>> and let's get adam miller over here. come on, adam, this was your idea.

>> okay.

>> you're taking my spot. i can't do this.

>> you have to cut this stuff out of your hair.

>> don't be scared.

>> i don't want --

>> here we go.

>> natalie . go for it!

>> three, two, one!

>> that's not so bad.

>> you missed me!

>> get up and roll around.