TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

RockMyRun, Hot 5: Apps to enjoy outdoors

Randi Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Zuckerberg Media, joins TODAY to chat about some cool apps and websites to check out while enjoying the spring weather. 

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>>> welcome back to "today" on a friday morning, march 21st , 2014 . i'm natalie morales along with al roker and tamron hall . willie be back with us on monday. really cute video already going viral.

>> going to put a smile on your face. came across this video. it's a baby named christian piper. and look at how he wakes up when he hears bruno mars " run away baby."

>> got his booty going.

>> look at this.

>> shimmying and shaking. breaking it down. okay.

>> yeah!

>> oh, yeah!

>> freestyle.

>> christian's parents play the song to their son every morning.

>> good way to wake up.

>> good way to wake up. when i first saw the video, it violates my cardinal rule, which is never wake a sleeping baby.

>> it's true.

>> let them get it out.

>> he seems to like it that way.

>> i'm going to have to wake up like that.

>> shimmy shake shake.

>> i'll take your word for it.

>> al, how about a check of the weather?

>> okay. let's show you what we've got going on for your weekend. we've got a lot of wet weather along the florida coast, wet weather also from florida -- i should say the gulf coast into central mississippi river valley . clouds in the pacific northwest . sunday -- sunday! rain along the southeast coast with a little mix as you get into the mid appalachians. also looking for plenty of sunshine up and down the west coast , sunny and warm through the southwest. rain along the gulf coast continuing. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>> that's your latest weather. by the way, the hashtag battle for you wearing the coat, 30% say, yes, you should have a coat, 70% say no.

>> i will say i will do the no coat if you donate to the

>> for boston.

>>> all right. with the arrival of spring, many of you thinking about getting out of the house and back into shape.

>> here to help you check out the apps is randi zuckerberg. good to see you again.

>> hi. great to be back here.

>> finally with spring.

>> yes. we're ready.

>> you've found 24 hour promise on health questions.

>> this is called empower her. it's a community for women.

>> okay.

>> and what's great about it is they promise if you have a question, you submit it within 24 hours , you're going to get a response.

>> get a healthy --

>> great --

>> is it free?

>> free. totally free site. it's really targeted to women. any questions. so here we have all of our healthy eating . you can find fitness. and you can actually even upload your own story to help other people.

>> i love that.

>> it's a great story --

>> nice to motivate.

>> exactly.

>> well, here's one i need. a lot of us need our daily dose or a couple of cups of coffee a day. here's one that's going to help you keep track of how much caffeine you're consuming. it's called up coffee.

>> up coffee by jawbone. i don't know if you've had that moment at 2:00 or 3:00 p.m . where you're like, should i reach for that cup of coffee ? is that going to keep me up all night long? so this app will actually help show you, is that coffee going to keep you up all night long. so you can go in, add some caffeine, log it, say, okay, cup of iced coffee , latte, green tea , and it'll show you, here's the level of how wired you are and here's what your optimal bedtime is going to be. yesterday, i logged this, said, okay, you have this coffee, you'll be ready for sleep at 10:28 p.m .

>> you should also mention comcast ventures is a minority investor in jawbone, part of our parent company .

>> great app.

>> you might want to look at this coming up.

>> i totally am downloading this.

>> it's an app called rock my run.

>> matches the pace of your run.

>> and did a lot of studies that show when a beat is more energetic, you match your run, you have a more intense workout. you can actually go in, you know, let's say i'm in -- doing " rock of ages " right now, i want to do '80s music. let's say i want my run to be over an hour. you're training for a marathon. here we go. we want clean, the "today" show. we can see the mixes. they have all of these deejay mixes directly for you. they all last about two minutes, and they increase in intensity as you're running.

>> so they get faster as you go?

>> yeah. it actually detects when you're fatigued and the beat increases.

>> rock my run. i'm so doing that right now. got five minutes, apparently hot five gives you a list of exercises to be done in five minutes.

>> we all have five minutes. you can actually download, you get a bunch of videos, watch them right from your iphone. it tells you, you know, you need a mat for this one. you need dumbbells or you don't need anything. and they're really fun. amazing core and butt. you can --

>> that's what we need.

>> you can do that in five minutes. they have fun ones, too. they have one like animal movements. really fun ones.

>> well, you can track your heart rate . for post exercise. now, do you have to have like a heart rate monitor for this?

>> you don't need a heart rate monitor . this is one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on your phone. it's called instant heart rate . i'm going to ask you to put your finger over the lens, hold it in. push hard. it takes a little while. detects your pulse.

>> that's crazy.

>> and eventually.

>> i do have a heartbeat.

>> i think you're not over the lens, more over the flash.

>> takes a little while because i want to give an accurate reading.

>> while we're doing that one.

>> one of my favorites because it combines two things i love. giving clean water to the people who don't need it, there's almost 1 billion people who don't have clean water access. and unplugging from technology every now and then. so i actually have a phone right here, spare one. and for every ten minutes you don't use your phone when you have to use it for tap project, clean water for a day is donated. it's tracking here as been off for eight minutes and two seconds. gives you motivational messages.

>> can we go back to the other phone?

>> it said 62 beats per minute.

>> and you can tag -- here i am in my day. sitting, resting, just worked out.

>> these are great apps. thank you so much.

>> heartbeat app, that's amazing. really great.

>> go to our today app and we'll give you all the apps. congratulations on your stint on " rock of ages ."

>> we sang karaoke in the