TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Tinseltown’s top tweets and sneak peeks

Entertainment Weekly’s Nina Terrero joins TODAY to chat about Beyonce’s uncharacteristically somber pose and a photo of Kim Kardashian incognito.

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>>> a reality star goes to great lengths to conceal her identity from fans. strikes a pose but has a lot of people talking.

>> here with your ticket to hollywood is entertainment weekly correspondent nina. good morning.

>> good morning, everyone. hi.

>> hey.

>> star power . big celebrity news certainly as people on thursday, beyonce posting jarring pictures on instagram of her visit to the anne frank museum . what's your reaction?

>> yeah, these are actually -- i found them inspirational. beyonce, someone who puts a lot of pictures on instagram of herself. usually in concert looking glam and fierce, with jay-z a lot in pictures. but these show a different side. somebody who appreciates academia and the history the museum can inspire. and i think if she can show the world anne frank is someone worth remembering is fantastic. i hope her fans were inspired after these pictures.

>> you can't help but be somber when you're in there.

>> right. right.

>> next, tweet of the week because we're talking about twitter celebrating its 8th birthday.

>> happy birthday, twitter.

>> so we take a look at some of the famous tweets out there.

>> some of my favorites, include oprah. hi twitters, thank you for a warm welcome. 21st century .

>> these are the first tweets.

>> very first tweet ever. doesn't that just sound like oprah? she wrote it in all caps, too.

>> exactly.

>> didn't get in too much trouble.

>> alec baldwin , a great first tweet. my first tweet. maybe i needed a glass of wine beforehand. i feel -- dot, dot, dot -- so shy.

>> that didn't last long.

>> and this is fantastic. tis my first twit-er, tweet or twit --

>> sounds like dory.

>> exactly. and what's great. it's so funny and whimsical and a couple years later, she owns twitter.

>> who is this celebrity?

>> well, who do you think it is?

>> this is kim kardashian . she went for a full make under for a new show on oxygen called "celebrity make under." she went completely incognito in this show, which kind of gives celebrities a way to test how loyal their fans really are. so she donned this get-up to go on a mock interview with a bunch of other fans to audition as her very own assistant. i love it. it shows she has a sense of humor. prosthetics, make-up, wig, glasses, teeth. this is such a good get-up, not even her sister courtnkourtney recognized her.

>> and making a big-screen debut in a fun way, in 3d. this is going to be "peanuts" the way we've never seen them before. charlie, snoopy, linus -- i think that's something fans will appreciate is that the movie's going to stay true to the original parts of the comic strip which will be celebrating the 65th anniversary in november.

>> written by the grandson of charles schultz , as well.

>> exactly.

>> and charles schultz ' son craig is producer on the movie. and he says, again, the movie will feel really true