TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Justin Timberlake searching for engaged couple

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Tamron Hall discuss singer Justin Timberlake’s hunt for a mystery man who popped the question with JT’s song, “Not a Bad Thing,” playing in the background. Natalie says, “I hope somebody comes forward.”

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>> good morning, welcome to "today" on this friday morning, march 21st , 2014 . i'm natalie morales along with al roker and tamron hall . willie will be back from spring break on monday. story i think we're all talking about a lot. a lot of us think how can this happen and how did he get away with it? the new jersey teenager highlighting a major security lapse at one world trade tower. he climbed, he was able to get up to the top. in fact, up to the top of the antenna. a port authority police say he snuck into the construction site around 4:00 a.m . sunday going through a 1-foot-wide hole in the fence, climbed up the scaffold to the 6th floor. he was able to convince the elevator person to allow him to go up to the 88th floor.

>> how is that possible?

>> then he walked up the staircase to the 104th floor. he got past a security guard who -- it's been reported was sleeping, port authority says he was inattentive and climbed a ladder to the antenna all the way to the top he was arrested at 6:00 a.m . after being there for two hours.

>> unencumbered, unaccompanied. that's crazy.

>> apparently his friends reportedly said they had gone there and scouted it out a couple of times previously.

>> these pictures of him. he's hanging on a crane hanging from a beam. i mean, this stuff --

>> so dangerous.

>> yeah.

>> so, so dangerous.

>> yeah.

>> it's apparently stuff his friends say he loves to do. he's an adrenaline junkie .

>> sounds like "catch me if you can," leonardo dicaprio . obviously he needs hobbies more productive. but are there proper security cameras there? you hear time and time again that new york city is the most secure place in america. there are cameras wherever you go. what's the situation there?

>> and just being one world trade center . you would think probably the sa safest construction site going.

>> they broke the story yesterday, they're reporting today that there, in fact, are no security surveillance cameras set up already. that is not going to be in place until a little bit later on. we haven't been able to confirm that story. but that's the case.

>> thankfully, this kid was just doing this for an adrenaline rush .

>> yeah. right.

>> did not have evil intent. because this could've turned out far worse. and for him, as well.

>> he could have been killed.

>> could have been shot at.

>> yeah.

>> could've fallen.

>> he is facing misdemeanor charges. could land him in jail for 90 days . the guard who was quote, unquote, in attendance or asleep has been fired. and from the port authority , we did get this statement. we take security and these types of infractions extremely seriously and will prosecute violators. we continue to reassess our security posture and constantly working to make the site as secure as possible.

>> maybe work a little harder.

>> thinking about what the parents of this kid are thinking.

>> thinking you'll never see the light of day . you'll never get --

>> you'll never get out of the house again. you are grounded.

>> crazy. we did reach out to the attorney. but they wisely probably declined to comment.

>> who doesn't love justin timberlake ?

>> j.t. --

>> okay. you know people, i'm not that cool. but his new music video asked people to play detective. the video for the song "not a bad thing" debuted yesterday on the ellen degeneres show based on a true story of a guy who proposes to his girlfriend back on january 12th while on a manhattan bound long island railroad trip. the proposal was like a scene from a movie saying anything. man used justin's song "not a bad thing" while proposing. well, here's -- and it's an interesting story. you tell us what you think about this. call it a helping hand. i don't know. there's a woman's letter to a sleeping mother. now, this has gone viral. comes from vancouver mom and radio host , tara jean. she spotted an exhaustive mother who had fallen asleep at her local neighborhood play center. poor thing, she's so exhausted, tired, watching her kids. and she ended up watching the woman's daughter as her own two children were playing. now, the woman did eventually wake and tara jean told her she'd been keeping an eye on her child. when she got home, she then wrote a note, posted it to facebook, it was titled dear, exhausted mother who fell asleep on a bench at fun for kids and the note went on to say. i got your little girl who was thirsty and gave her water. she hit her head coming down the big purple slide. i gave her a hug. it's been an hour since you fell asleep. i won't leave till you wake up hopefully rested and ready to face the weekend with warrior energy us mamas need. question is, was she being helpful? should she have woken up the mother and said, hey, your child just fell off the slide and bumped her head.

>> yeah.

>> was she doing her a favor?

>> i think her heart was in the right place. but if it were me, i would have want to have been awakened.

>> absolutely. if something happened while you were watching that child.

>> i get where she's coming from, but i think she maybe might have -- hey, you know what, i've been keeping an eye on your kid, but you might want --

>> strange story.

>> strange.

>> i'm sorry.

>> what creeps me out a little bit about it.

>> it's too long. it's a long note. it's ridiculous. you just wake up the lady and say i'm so sorry, your daughter fell.

>> yeah. she bumped her head.

>> she bumped her head.

>> but this long note.

>> and she's a radio host .

>> and then she --

>> and then she proposed to her boyfriend.

>> exactly.

>> on a bench.

>> here's the thing. in some ways, to me, that's like, i'm a super hero and i'm bragging a little bit.

>> there a bragging thing, too.

>> i'm just saying.

>> are we a little too cynical? i don't know.

>> sadly, we've all gotten very cynical.

>> well, there's a safety issue, yet you understand what she did.

>> no, i sympathize because as a parent -- i sympathize because you are exhausted. and i've fallen asleep sometimes and your kids are doing things. i understand that completely.

>> i've fallen asleep on her letter.

>> i know.

>> at the same time, if my child fell, i would love if somebody would tap me and say, hey, take care of your child. end of story.