TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

The right way to shampoo your hair

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson demonstrates how to wash your hair properly, starting at the scalp. Beauty expert Jenn Falik also joins TODAY to demonstrate the right way to apply eyeliner.

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>>> we're wrapping up our special series "do it right today" with beauty tips. in a moment, jen, host of the selective iweb series is going to show us the right way to apply eyeliner and blush. we'll begin with salon owner ted gibson. ted's up in our make-up room. we p want to know what we're doing wrong when it comes to shampooing and conditioning our hair and show us the right way to do it.

>> most women are making the wrong choices when they're shampooing their hair. make sure you actually start at the scalp. apply 1/4 inch of shampoo as i've done in my hands. you want to apply it to the scalp starting at the temples working up to the top of the head, then to the nape, back down and repeat if you need to. ladies, make sure that you do not put shampoo on your hair. only shampoo your scalp if you have to shampoo every single day. and watch this. this is how it's done. you want to shampoo the scalp from the temples up to the top of the head, then all the way back to the nape, then back up and back down again. again, keep it off of the ends of your hair. because the ends of your hairdo not need the shampoo. what's really, really important is to make sure you concentrate the shampoo at the scalp. and if you decide you're going to condition your hair, do it opposite. so condition from your ends of your hair and work your way up. most women tend to talk about if their hair gets oily and greasy, it's because their hair actually is -- their scalp is actually greasy. not their hair. always concentrate on shampooing the scalp and not the hair.

>> shampoo -- shampoo the scalp, condition the hair.

>> exactly.

>> got it. don't do the big lather thing like the shampoo commercial.

>> when you have it piled up on top of your head. but at the same time, what's happening is that shampoo is kind of detergent. it's going to dry out your hair. your hair does not need to be shampooed every single day.

>> thank you so much. now, the right and wrong way to do blush and eyeliner, jen is here, alex is going to help us out. how are we putting eyeliner on wrong?

>> the mistake most people make. first off, they try to do one line in one shot. and the other mistake is placement. either too high above the lashes or too low under the lashes. and that gives you that scarey look.

>> can you show us on alex ? you've got a few kinds.

>> there's so many different kinds. i like a liquid liner. i think it's easy. especially when it's a short, stubby liner. you'll see alex will demo with this one. you can hold it horizontally close to your face. you can rest your face.

>> a thin end.

>> a thin point. and you're going to start from the inner corner on the lower lash line. that's what helps you with placement for the top. kind of gives you a border.

>> kind of putting it on the inside of her eye, almost.

>> you almost want to put it on the root of your lashes. i feel like your lashes should move as you're applying. you know you're getting it on the root. start on the inner corner, go about half way, then give yourself a moment, then go to the outer corner of the bottom lash line.

>> okay.

>> then you see the top next and work your way in.

>> say start on the inner corner for the top?

>> and go half way to just right above your pupil.

>> yeah.

>> then she'll start from the outside and work in. and the reason you do it that way because the skin will start to pull. if you do one line, your skin is going to start to wrinkle underneath the liner. that gives you that --

>> start with the inner eye, outer eye and finish in the middle.

>> meet in the middle . and again, right on the lash root. use the lashes.

>> 30 seconds for blush.

>> so placement. people put blush in the wrong place. that's what makes you look crazy. the right way is to find the apple of your cheek. make a big smile so it sticks out. and this is a cream. i love cream blush. dab it on the apple and work your way up a little bit to get extra color to lift the face. the reason you start on the apple, it's going to give you the most color there and the leftover works up your cheek.

>> would you do powder on top of it? or before? i get the order wrong.

>> well, i sometimes like to put it on after to get a good lit from within glow. also if you put on too much, you can put moisturizer over it. your cheek tends to be a little extra cheek after tapping on it.

>> you look gorgeous. thank you so much.

>>> and coming up next, do