TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

‘Wheel of Fortune’ winner talks about stunning guess

Emil de Leon stunned “Wheel of Fortune” viewers and host Pat Sajak on Wednesday night’s episode by solving the final puzzle with just two exposed letters to go on. He joins TODAY to chat about his guess, and addresses critics who suspect the game was rigged. 

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>>> thursday on "trending," we showed you one of the greatest guesses in game show history. he solved the final puzzle on ' wheel of fortune " with two letters to go on. take a look.

>> new baby buggy . new baby buggy . oh my god!

>> all right. good morning, emil. i know you shot the show in january. how hard is it to keep that secret?

>> it was very hard. it was the longest two months of my life.

>> i bet. the producers said you got a 16 out of 16 or perfect score of 16 when you auditioned for the show. is this just a natural talent you've always had?

>> yeah. i've been watching " wheel of fortune " since i was a kid. actually my first letters i learned were the prominent letters in " wheel of fortune ."

>> and i was one of the conspiracy theorists who said there's something pufishy going on here. what do you want to say to those who said that?

>> the people that know me, they know my skills as a puzzle solver. i've been playing online on twitter, on the video games , the apps, and i know that my skills prove that everything is real. this is me.

>> congratulations.

>> my brain's way of working.

>> congrats. we'll be back after this.