TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Lady Gaga: New album is about ‘creative rebellion’

The singer joins TODAY to offer a look behind the scenes of her latest music video, for “G.U.Y.,” and chat about her latest album, “Artpop,” which she says “is about bringing art and music together in the spirit of creative rebellion.”

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>> i live between two things. art and pop all the time.

>> and artpop was, of course, the name of you you are in album. good morning. great to have you here.

>> good morning. nice to see you.

>> are you a morning person? do you like these hours?

>> yeah, i do. i was up early to get ready for the show and we were watching the sunrise out in the window. and it was beautiful.

>> we just saw you really behind the scenes of your new music video . and you can tell just by the few shots that you really take a firm hand. that you're part of the production of it as well as starring in it. do you crack the whip onset?

>> well, you have to keep the pace going. and we had our work cut out for us with this video. it was a very big production. we shot for six days. and it was just such a pleasure working with the whole team, you know. everyone from hair and make-up to the group to my first a.d. and we had a really, really great time.

>> i read an article recently, it was an interview with you. and the interviewer asked, say one thing that's true about you. and you said that it's not an act.

>> yeah.

>> tell me more about that. what do you mean? the persona, the clothes, what's not an act?

>> i think what i was saying is that we sometimes think there's a perception that what i'm doing is all a big show . and i really truly feel it's really just part of who i am. every moment of my life is devoted to my music and my fans and really truly me.

>> what would you be doing if you weren't famous? would you still be wearing those shoes?

>> yes, i'd just be doing it on the lower east side . i'd do the same show, same act.

>> recently, you were at south by southwest , and i know you know you grabbed headlines, we won't show the video on tv since it was the breakfast hour. but you had a performance artist with you who appeared to vomit some kind of paint on to you. she's a vomit artist. were you surprised by the controversy? and on the flip side of that, did you want the controversy?

>> well, i guess we weren't completely surprised. knowing i know that not everybody's going to love that performance.

>> she's the artist.

>> yeah. but we both really believed in artistic expression and strong identities. and i support her and what she does. and artpop, my new album is about bringing art and music together in the spirit of creative. and that performance is art in its purist form. but we totally understand that some people won't be into it. and did we want the controversy? i suppose it doesn't matter. either way, we don't make things for any intention in particular other than in the spirit of entertaining the crowd and creating something that is really for the moment. and it wasn't meant for the "today" show. it was meant for a club performance in austin. and we had a great time.

>> you're someone who is so confident. who has always known exactly what she wanted to do. i love reading a quote of yours where you basically felt famous before you were ever famous. that got me wondering. do you have any regrets? anything you wish you could do over for your life so far?

>> do i have any regrets? well, no, because i feel like everything happens for a reason. and i think you learn every time there's a challenge in your life. and i wouldn't want my fans to have any regrets in their own life. so i would say no. but there's, of course, i'm a musician and an artist. i'm always editing and changing things, but that's the beauty of life. your life is your own art piece. you can make it whatever you want .

>> do you see yourself performing like this forever? or could you ever imagine a time where you hang up your stilettoes and do something else?

>> hang up my stilettos? i'm not sure. i would let the winds of life take me where they may. i love my fans and want to continue making music for them. i'm already writing new music. and i'm enjoying promoting "artpop," my album, and i'm going out on tour the artpop ball and i'm performing at roseland. and we're so excited it's been sold out and so much excitement around it. i've been rehearsing all week and pounding the pavement like i usually do. i'm a hard worker.

>> you are, indeed. we love seeing you. i love your costumes. but what is the most normal kind of thing you like to do? just in your off time?

>> you know, my favorite thing to do admittedly is i love to stop at my dad's restaurant in new york and i hope behind the bar and start bar tending and i don't tell him. and he turns around and he's like, hey, what are you doing back there?

>> a strong pour?

>> well, i do. then he gets mad, don't waste the booze.

>> lady gaga , it is great to see you. thank you for showing us the behind scenes of your video. and we want to mention, you can see more of that tonight on access hollywood . and if you want to catch the premiere of lady gaga 's new video, watch "dateline" tomorrow night.

>> thank you, savannah.

>> good to see you.

>> good to see you.