TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Dolly: ‘Come and ride’ new roller coaster with me

Singer Dolly Parton joins TODAY to chat about the roller coaster, "The Firechaser Express," the newest addition to her Dollywood amusement park. She’ll be performing on TODAY on May 13.

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>>> now to a woman who is always trending, the legendary dolly parton joining us now live from where else, dollywood in tennessee. dolly, good morning.

>> well, good morning to you, al. and all of you there. i watch you every day. and we're excited to be on the show.

>> well, thanks.

>> good morning, dolly.

>> you've got a big announcement for us.

>> well, we do, this is our 29th season, believe it or not, and we have a new roller coaster called fire chaser express. you can see it behind me probably. and it's really kind of set in like the 1940s when all the firefighters, volunteer firefighters here in the smokey mountains , you know, were really active. it's got a lot of atmosphere. but it was a wonderful ride tailor made for families. little kids can ride along with their parents or sisters or brothers. it's got one element that's a little different than most coasters. goes forward and half way through, goes backwards. they're telling me, that's a real unique thing. anyway, everybody's enjoying it. you've got to come down and ride it with me some time.

>> you bet. and we have to invite you, actually, dolly, you have a new record coming out on may 13th , blue smoke . and i cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to have you come here and sing live on our plaza. what do you think?

>> i would love to do that. i've done that years ago. and i absolutely had a ball. and i watched you all the time when you have the guests on. i would be honored and thrilled to come be with all of you and promote my new record. you know me, i'm always going to be promoting something.

>> see you may 13th . you say it and it happens.

>> we've got to ask you, as well, of course talking about netflix and possibly doing a 9:00 to 5:00 reunion. is there going to be a reunion with the three of you? are you joining them?

>> well, i don't really know exactly what you're talking about. but whatever they're doing, i'm in.

>> netflix, call her up. she's doing anything you ask today.

>> the trailer to the new "9:00 to 5:00."

>> whatever it is, all i can say is we've better get to it quick or it'll be "95" instead of "9:00 to 5:00."

>> with the delivery.

>> we adore you. we cannot wait to see you, may 13th . it's a date.

>> thank you. you come see