TODAY   |  March 21, 2014

Putin’s first tweet congratulated Obama in 2012

Today the relationship between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin is frosty, but about two years ago, it wasn’t so bad. In his first tweet ever, Putin had congratulated then President-elect Obama.

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>>> 8:13. it's friday morning, time for "what's trending today." twitter is celebrating its 8th birthday today. happy birthday , twitter. a lot of people are going back and looking at their first tweets. if that exercise teaches us anything, it's boy, times have changed. case in point, vladimir putin .

>> these days his relationship with president obama is frostier than ever, but apparently things weren't so bad less than two years ago. putin's first tweet in 2012 was, congratulations to the u.s. president -elect barack obama .

>> and now we've sanctioned some of your top officials.

>> yeah.