TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Must-have household products for spring

From two-in-one gadgets to virtually unbreakable glassware, consumer lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers shares the best finds from this year’s International Home and Housewares show.

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>>> your life a little easier around the house, we have some ingenious new products you've got to see.

>> from two in one gadgets to virtually unbreakable glassware, sissy biggers has the best finds from the year's international home and housewares show. that has to be fun.

>> it is fun. when i walk the floor, it says hoda and kathie lee on my press pass. so everybody --

>> they want to show me their stuff.

>> or the door.

>> the first thing i saw this is the spread it butter knife . go ahead. this transfers body heat to the edge of the knife so you can now get easy butter -- go right across the top.

>> like that?

>> there you go. frozen solid butter, but --

>> it takes the heat to the edge of the knife. i call this kind of the breakfast game changer.

>> i love that.

>> you don't have to put it in the microwave.

>> that was gold when i saw it.

>> this was -- you know the squish brand, the collapse -- we had these on before. this is the new double over the sink colander. go ahead and pull the arms here. these go over the sink.

>> oh.

>> genius.

>> now you can prep two things at once, no cross contamination , which i know you worry about.

>> i do.

>> this is genius.

>> so you can store it and -- it is very portable, like $25.

>> and you put in the --

>> in the dishwasher, absolutely.

>> next up, this is hamilton beech, they give the consumers what they want. they wanted a two in one appliance. brew your single serve coffee and before you go to work, none of those expensive baristas, go ahead and make yourself a smoothie right there. so same footprint as a coffeemaker or a blender, but you get two. this is about $39.99. next up, isn't this beautiful? this glassware?

>> it is --

>> unbreakable bar ware.

>> you got to get this.

>> it looks like glass. it has the luster --

>> i can't.

>> i have a gift for you.

>> it is made of cool polyester who has yet to be broken.

>> are you kidding?

>> isn't that gorgeous?

>> and it starts at about -- it is amazing. and, by the way, goes in the dishwasher, usually plastic doesn't live through the dishwasher. this is the wine cork . oxygen is the enemy of storing wine and spoiling.

>> no kidding.

>> so now this wine cork , air cork, will fill the bottle at any level so no matter what level is left in your bottle, the air cork will keep the oxygen out. come on.

>> it is so sightly.

>> isn't that --

>> then you take it out.

>> isn't it fun?

>> i don't know. don't say anything. don't. don't say anything.

>> okay.

>> she gives me that look. i'm trying to help you.

>> i'm trying to save us . i want our show to continue.

>> this one, they dragged me into the booth.

>> what is that?

>> a wine glass bottom.

>> what?

>> you can say you only had one glass, kathie lee .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> isn't that brilliant?

>> it is a bottle with a glass on top.

>> that's bad.

>> but ingenious.

>> i only had one glass.

>> down front here, this is an umbrella stand. this is amazing. it is architectural design , brought into a houseware. you know how you have stupid things in your front, you put your --

>> i know. nothing matches.

>> architectural design that is also highly functional.

>> okay.

>> i begged tammy and joe so let me show an iron because this iron, it is turned off, it has the automatic --

>> oh, cut off.

>> it has the automatic cut off because it is a think product. but --

>> what would it do --

>> what it would do, 30% more steam and i don't know why -- this is the magic of television. but, all right. i already burned jerry, okay? trust me, this has 30% more steam and steam to get a vertical steamer, and you get an ironing with all the functions of l.e.d. light , by rowenta.

>> don't burn yourself.

>> is it getting hot?

>> let me see --

>> get that away from me.

>> away from hoda's hair.

>> i have hair issues.

>> for more information on the products, go to

>> all right.

>>> a webtastic video that is