TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Margaret Cho: The French love ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Actresses Brooke Elliot and Margaret Cho talk about the international success of their Lifetime TV series and their chemistry on screen. The ladies also get quizzed by Kathie Lee and Hoda about TV law firms.

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>>> the lifetime series drop dead diva is back for a final season. if you haven't been able to tune in for the last five years, we're going to get you caught up right now.

>> brooke elliott plays deb, a shallow model who dies suddenly in a car accident and finds herself reincarnated into the body of a brilliant attorney named jane. i hate it when that happens.

>> with the help of her assistant terry, played by margaret cho , jane begins to accept her new life as a lawyer. now, margaret and brooke are both with us.

>> hey, ladies. good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> great.

>> your final season, that's been determined.

>> we think so. i mean --

>> we had an amazing history with the show. we were canceled two years ago. and then --

>> yeah.

>> and then we somehow resurrected. the fans love it. we have a national following. they love brooke . they fell in love with her acting and her beauty and --

>> stop it.

>> you were a well known actress and comedienne at the time. i love your story of how you got this role, brooke . tell everybody a little bit about -- you thought you were practicing.

>> yeah, you know, i went to the audition and i was really wanting to transition over to tv and film. so i was just taking auditions and taking classes and classes and classes and classes and classes. and so when i went in for the audition, i really just thought i was practicing. i was, like, i'll just do a good audition. that's what i'm working for. and then they said, well, we would like to test you. i was like, i'll practice what a test is.

>> you had never done one.

>> i was, like, i'll just practice this for my real job. and then i get my real job, i'll know what i'm doing.

>> when they called you, did you freak?

>> i was, like -- you got that job. i called my parents, i'm, like, hey, so i booked that pilot. i was so shocked that i couldn't even be anything more than shocked.

>> the chemistry that you guys developed over the course of six seasons, was it there from day one?

>> i think it was there. i think what it is with brooke is you approach everything with such humility, that you don't expect things and that's why people love you, because you're just, like, one of us, you're totally down to earth. we're all having fun on the set. we all moved out to atlanta, peach tree city to be exact.

>> great town. nice secret, big city stuff but a little city feel.

>> yeah. perfect way to say it.

>> when you walked in, both kathie lee and i looked at you and were, like, oh, my god --

>> i'm sucked in so hard. it is a full body spanx.

>> is it the chemistry between the two of you, the concept of somebody that comes back and has got to deal with a whole new life or a combination?

>> i think it is brooke and i think it is jackson hearst who plays a beautiful grayson. it is a romantic story, don't you think?

>> i think it is the romance of it. i think the idea of does love stand the test of time? does it -- i think it does. and.

>> you do?

>> and does it survive different circumstances, different situations, different experiences, can love be that deep of a soul love ? and i don't know. i think we're all kind of wanting that.

>> and adorable.

>> i love her.

>> you get why this show works internationally. love is one of those things that -- what other countries are you big in, by the way?

>> france.

>> hugely popular in france. also in north africa they have, like, satellite dishes that pirate it. they love the show.

>> they do?

>> korea.

>> you play a lawyer, we're going to see how much you've learned through the years.

>> we're going to play a game. it is called music group or fictional law firm .

>> okay.

>> get ready. here we go. emerson lake and palm, a fictional law firm or musical group ?

>> musical group .

>> yes.

>> wow.

>> yes.

>> did you really know that?

>> yes.

>> she's going to kick -- on this.

>> she said donkey.

>> that's a law firm , don't you think?

>> sure.

>> yes, again.

>> on a roll. cho on a roll.

>> paris and parker. fictional law firm or music group .

>> i like music group .

>> no, law firm .

>> mumford and sons. if you don't know this, everyone is leaving.

>> they're more of an americana rock group . rock in americana, so, yes.

>> crane, pool and schmidt. fictional law firm or music group .

>> law firm .

>> from boston legal , yes. you're smart. crosby, stills and nash.

>> oh, please. even i know that.

>> you might not know.

>> musical group .

>> and last one, lockhart gardener, fictional law firm or --

>> this is it. this is it.

>> law firm .

>> oh, my god. they did it. from the good wife. congratulations.

>> final season of " drop dead diva" premieres sunday on lifetime.