TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Dress to impress: Prom trends for your teen

Seventeen magazine’s Ann Shoket joins TODAY to chat about finding the perfect dress or tux for your teenager, as high school juniors and seniors start to get ready for prom.

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>> it's getting to that time of year when high school juniors and seniors are getting ready for prom and finding a dress can be stressful.

>> yes, it can be. ann, it's good it see you.

>> it's exciting, it's prom time.

>> my nephew is 17 and he's into it as well.

>> prom is bigger and better and more important than ever before. everyone goes. girls will go as a group, they'll have group dates. but if you are very lucky, you will have a date who is at hot as our 17 hot guy panelist.

>> let's get to some of the fashions. you don't have to spend a lot of monday these days. you have places like rent the runway.

>> i love it.

>> adorable.

>> a dress like this is for a girl who has been planning her princess moment for years. it's a total modern take on the ball gown. very useful. we're seeing a lot of short dresses as well. the most important thing about prom is that you dress like yourself, that you feel comfortable. and when you get your -- when you're wearing a dress this soft and pretty, you want your date to wear something equally as soft. this is a suit from h & m. the best thing about a suit unlike a tux, you can wear it again.

>> yeah.

>> so cute. thank you, guys. you look amazing. next up, we have the rebels.

>> ah, i like this.

>> these kids are making their own fashion rules. tammy's dress is actually really classic and beautiful black dress, but when you add the rocker accessories, add a little leather jacket and some fierce shoes, she's total rock star .

>> i love that. what about israel? he's doing the whole navy and black look.

>> navy is really unexpected for a guy.

>> it's nice.

>> i think it's a fantastic look, especially when you've got a date that's as fierce looking at tammy. his suit is aso's and her dress is $99.

>> we have ann and micah.

>> everyone was wearing metallic on the red carpet . she's got cool metallic but she's got hot pops of color. this is a couple that is going ahead to the after party.

>> and like that leather jacket look. looking good.

>> he's got a leather jacket and a camo tie.

>> next but not least, say hello to your prom king and queen. this is total classic. this is the look you're going to look back on these pictures in 20 years and you're still going to think you look amazing.

>> i hope so because i look back at my prom picture today and it looks horrifying. look at me! that's me and my best friend . my mom put me in that antebellum skirt.

>> very southern bell .

>> that's a look you'll love.

>> everybody come back out for one last look.

>> i love this, great ideas. enjoy yourself , be safe and thank you very much. and