TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Find the best doctor for your personality

Dr. Keri Peterson, a contributor to Women’s Health magazine, joins TODAY to discuss a new study that finds that your personality may play a key role in your search for a doctor.

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>>> okay. so when it comes to choosing a doctor, are you the type who spends hours looking for one with a lot of experience and degrees or do you rely on your friends and families for recommendations?

>> i'm the latter. a survey found your personality may play a key role in your search for a physician. with more on that, dr. peterson. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> as a doctor yourself, you know people shot around. what do you find they're looking for?

>> i find a lot of people still rely on online reviews. in this survey, 56 people of people rely on online reviews. about 70% found that the doctor-patient relationship was more important to them than the academic credentials. if you have a good rapport with your doctor, you're more likely to follow their health recommendations.

>> let's go to the different types, let's start with an uber.

>> the uber is someone who spends a lot of time looking online, they interview the physicians and rely much more on the academic credentials than they do on the interpersonal relationship . it's much more of a business relationship and a lot less love in there. they're also very thorough and organized. they'll come to the doctor with a list of what they want done and they look at their physician as an employee.

>> then there are the outsourcers, those who tend to follow doctors orders without asking questions.

>> outsourcers really rely on the physician's expertise, listen to instructions very very well and avoid going online and they're happy with their physicians and they stick out with them a lot longer.

>> they're the loyalists.

>> and then they're the nurturers who rely on friends and family for recommendations.

>> they work very collaboratively with their physicians and they tend to be very good listeners as well.

>> so which one gets you the best health care ?

>> i would say most patients have a little bit of each type of personality within them. in my practice i would say the outsourcers are the ones that follow the instructions best and the ubers are the ones that will challenge me the most but i like both of those because there's a balance there.

>> and a lot of times people end up leaving their doctors. why do they tend to leave?

>> some people do. 40% of the time they leave because the insurance changed. about 21% of the time it's because they disagreed with the diagnosis and 17% of the time was the doctor moved away. and there was a critical time period , if they moved more than 17 minutes away, they changed.

>> i'm always cautioning my kids just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true. do you have to be careful about these online reviews and things?

>> absolutely. there's open loop reviews and closed loops. open loop is where anyone can leave a review and closed loop is where the patient's identity is verified.

>> yelp is an open one?

>> yelp is open.

>> it's probably better to look at a closed loop.

>> the most important piece of advice looking for a doctor?

>> have a balance of having a good rapport and feeling good with your doctor and trusting their credentials. it's an interplay.

>> thank you.