TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Who’s worse: Shoulder sleeper or space hogger?

BuzzFeed releases a list of the “24 Absolute Worst People To Sit Next To on Public Transportation,” including the shoulder sleeper and the space hogger.

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>>> welcome back to "today" this thursday morning, march 20, 2014 , first day of spring. and you know what signifies the first day of spring?

>> time to shave?

>> natalie and tamron comparing the stubble on their legs.

>> we shouldn't even go there.

>> are you kidding me?

>> all the leg fetish guys in america --

>> come on, get off that shot.

>> i looked down and i was like what just -- overnight? oh!

>> all right.

>> i got you beat, man.

>> seriously?

>> i waxed this morning.

>> jimmy, off that shot.

>> the director is telling you -- jimmy, so in other words, your director jim gaines told you to get that?

>> i'm getting yelled at.

>> if he told you to jump off a bridge, would you jump?

>> wow, you sound just like my mom!

>> goodness gracious alive.

>> the funny thing is, this guy doesn't even work here.

>> we have a pretty funny listical to tell you about today.

>> 24 worst people to sit next to on public transportation .

>> the shoes and socks off person. i just had this on a flight back from colorado this weekend. a guy wearing a tank top, no socks on, walks into the bathroom, goes to the bathroom. i later go in with my son, the floor is completely wet. he was barefoot in that little bathroom in the airplane, the floor is disgustingly nasty.

>> i take my shoes off. i mind when there's a smell.

>> you keep your socks on?

>> i put my shoes back on when i walk into the bathroom because once quickly this lady said there were two little boys in there, go put shoes on.

>> how about the space hogger?

>> what's that?

>> elbow --

>> you get there, like the middle seat and he takes both --

>> the rule is the middle seat you get both.

>> really?

>> no.

>> yeah. because the other people on the end get to lean out. the middle seat you get --

>> there's an actual hard and fast rule?

>> there is.

>> if you watch the safety video on the plane, you get both elbows.

>> shoulder sleeper.

>> okay.

>> and then the subset of that, shoulder sleeper, drooler. let's eat an entire meal on a plane or subway person.

>> this one i hate. the nail polish person. they're doing their nails. uh-oh.

>> all right, let's get a check of our weather.

>> you have done that? have you done that?

>> when a girl's nail cracks, she's got to go in for emergency care .