TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Obama: I’ll ‘reduce the cool factor of any tattoo’

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Tamron Hall discuss President Obama’s call-in to Ellen DeGeneres’ show, during which Ellen reminded the president that he said that if Sasha and Malia got tattoos, he and Michelle would get the same ones. Al comments that he and his family “actually have some matching shirts” and thinks it’d be fun to wear matching clothes.

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>> announcer: "today's take" with natalie morales , willie geist and tamron hall , live from rockefeller studio 1a , rockefeller plaza .

>> good morning, everyone. you're going to feel a tingling somewhere because it's the first day of spring! along with natalie and tamron, willie is off.

>> spring breaking.

>> interesting. we've had our first real development in this plane disappearance.

>> a sliver of hope possibly and a big, again, possibly. there are new satellite photos out today. these were actually taken four days ago, but the australian prime minister made the announcement earlier that debris possibly there seen in the southern indian ocean , about 1,150 miles southwest north of perth, australia, might be debris from the plane, malaysia airline flight 370. the australian air force had a flight searching in that area for about nine hours and came back with nothing, radar came back empty, not really finding anything there. also you've been talking a lot about the conditions there and the winds that they're having to deal with.

>> it was windy. the good news is the conditions will improve. it's nighttime there now. look at our wind flow chart . and interestingly enough, in the northern hemisphere , winds flow around in a clockwise direction and a high. in the summer hemisphere, it's counterclockwise. as you put this into motion, you can see the area of possible wreckage, high pressure is going to be building on top of that late tonight into friday, into friday morning so winds will die down and we'll start to see some clearing. in fact, on the satellite imagery , a weak front moved through and you can see there is a little haze there or possibly fog, maybe a little foggy drizzle in this but conditions will improve, sky conditions will improve.

>> keir simmons , our colleague, is saying grief counselors are at the homes, which has been a major complaint, they felt they were in a vacuum and not getting information and updated properly. and also some family members hope this is the crash site so they can have closure, while others certainly see this as final. and so that hope that we referred to and that many of them are holding on to understandably will be gone. so there's a conflict there but finally they are providing grief counseling on the spot for those families. that has been heart breaking. one mom carried out of a press conference, unimaginable.

>> just heart breaking to see that. if you look again and go back to the pictures of the debris, they're saying the largest piece is about 79 feet wide, the other piece about 16 feet across. so that's a large chunk of whatever it is but again you have to say whatever it is because it's a shipping area as well. could be a cargo bin.

>> and it's floated hundreds of miles away .

>> you have ocean currents , wind --

>> nine foot swells pushing it around.

>> it's going to be very difficult.

>> on a lighter note, president obama set to be a guest on ellen today. we got a little sneak peek, talking about family life at the white house .

>> mr. president, michelle said she's out of town and she wanted to know did you make your bed this morning?

>> that would be no.

>> no.

>> and when she's out of town, things get a little sloughenly around the house, socks of where, shoes.

>> really? you made the most amazing comment about if they would ever get a tattoo, and i think everyone should stick to this rule, if your daughters got tattoos, that you and michelle would also get the same tattoo in the same place and you'd all take a family photo of all the tattoos.

>> we will reduce the cool factor of any tattoo. michelle and i will be right there and we'll post it so that everybody will be able to see it and we'll say we all got matching tattoos.

>> i hate to say it, but i hope they get tattoos.

>> so do we.

>> pretty good.

>> my kid are upset because i got us all matching hawaiian shirts .

>> you did? on a vacation?

>> you did? you did?

>> no, i didn't. i didn't. i didn't, no. because i know -- no, i know deborah and i certainly know lela would not -- nicky would, nicky my son would. we actually have some matching shirts.

>> i've seen that.

>> well, he's a little loud. that's different. you don't want your daughter to walk around --

>> i do think it would be fun to wear matching stuff.

>> for photos for christmastime and --

>> what about -- they have web sites with family pictures, tragic family pictures where they've all dressed in the same thing but it wasn't as lovely at your family picture.

>> it's all in fun.

>> i fell for the line about you having matching family shirts because you're a trusting guy. how we gesture -- your hand on your heart , according to a new study, a new article published in the nonverbal behavioral journal --

>> got one of those?

>> "journal of nonbehavior journal," whatever, if you place your hand on your heart , people perceive you to be more trustworthy. they rated attractiveness, a group of women, and people with hands on their heart were described in terms of honest and trustworthy. here's the kick. the opposite was true for people who put their hand on their hip.

>> or strike the pose move?

>> yes. look at that! and here's the other kick in this, which is apparently my word of the day . that is a pose picture. the photographer told me to pose like that. i've been in news since i was 19 years old. every news photographer that they bring in from texas to here says put your hands on your hip, which is something i normally only do like this.

>> but in the word of shakirah, the hips don't lie.

>> i thought that was a power stance for women. but i guess it means you're not trustworthy.

>> unless you're red fox , it's the big one, it's the big one, i'm coming, i'm coming!

>> interesting study.

>> from the nonverbal journal person. what is that thing called?

>> "the journal of nonverbal behavior."

>> so they have a convention. nobody's talking.

>> they're all mimes.

>> i see you!

>> their patron saint is marcel marceaux.

>> you're a fashionista. how many times have you spotted something on someone you have to know who you're wearing.

>> i do it all the time. the other night kate moss had a belt on with the jeans and i spent a couple of hours googling case moss black belt , black belt on kate moss , i never found it.

>> there's an app for you, they say it's like the shazam of fashion. if you see someone and you say i want that look.

>> it may not give you the exact look but it will tell you roughly silhouettes that are similar or color tones and it will come up with relatable fashion. because shazam for music, you hit your phone, it tells you the exact artist.

>> that's a dress?

>> so you put in what you see, a midi, mid-length with a blazer.

>> oh, well, it's kind of close.

>> there's a look.

>> it gave you options.

>> that's actually not too bad.

>> oh, look, she's got her hand on her hip. i don't trust this woman.

>> look, here's tamron over here.

>> oh, that is me, isn't it?

>> oh, my god.

>> are you joking?

>> no, this dress was certainly not that. this was on sale for less than 200.

>> i like that ad.

>> $3,500.

>> we have to work on finding lower price points .

>> did you put in price points ? here? does it ask you?

>> it doesn't matter. i am the queen of 80% off. the trick is go to this app, find what you like, befriend someone at a department store , bring them coffee from time to time, just drop by to say hi. you stalk them and they will tell you -- absolutely. they just tell me when it goes on sale and that's better than friends and family. you're walking away , mr. roker.

>> i'm not walking away . you can see me.

>> can i share something with you guys? it's my mama's birthday today. she's home, she's a huge fan of the show. there's my mama. she's 64 years young today.

>> she looks terrific.

>> that's at the white house . i love you, mary newton, more than life itself. happy birthday , mama.

>> i like the picture. you didn't have your hands on your hips.