TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

‘Secret Garden’ is theme for Macy’s flower show

Mike Gansmoe, in charge of putting together Macy’s 68th annual flower show in New York City, tells TODAY that this year the theme is “secret garden.”

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>> square. we have dylan at the flower show she was showing us a little bit earlier. dylan?

>> and a flower in my hair. and i'm joined by mike. i can't keep a single flower alive in my apartment. how do you do it?

>> this year's theme is the secret garden , wonderment and discovery at every turn. it's a beautiful lush, colorful design we've put together. really you hire the best of the best of nurseries and landscape designers to keep things alive. i couldn't keep things alive myself. that's how we do it. we have such a great group of people across the country that work on this event.

>> and you do swap out the flowers mid way through, right?

>> and sometimes daily but there is a big swap mid way through.

>> my only problem is the air conditioner is on and so i'm still trying to find that warm spot.

>> coming up, we have putt-putt