TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

How to create your own backyard oasis

As we swing into spring, interior designer Nate Berkus shows TODAY how to turn your outdoor space into a great, livable area.

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>> wouldn't be the start of spring without sprucing up around your home. nate berkus is the produce of " american dream builders." what's the premise of the show?

>> we have 12 of the top home designers in the country competing to win one prize. you know the makeover show where you see one show change? this week you see 30 before and afters by the end of the hour. by the end of the series, we completely renovate over 20 homes top to bottom. which is why -- even though i'm not wearing socks right now -- you don't have two pairs on, right?

>> no, just one.

>> nothing for me.

>> sorry about that. we're talking about doing great work for the spring. if you can turn an outdoor space into a great livable area, it can really add value to your house and improve your life as well.

>> absolutely. space is at a premium for everybody. so the whole thing is that now that it's springtime, maybe a little bit warmer than today, you are don't need to buy a big set of furniture, you don't even need to have a lot of space. even if you have a little terrace, your back yard, side yard, take some of these things, outdoor rugs, very easy moveable tables, small side chairs. these chairs could be at a little bistro table inside your house. it's quick to even set up for a party or one after and quick to go into the garage.

>> you got to make sure the weather is cooperatcooperating.

>> today is not a good day for this.

>> everyone needs shade but you added lighting to it?

>> yes. i love the idea of this moroccan feel. seating doesn't have to be a set of furniture. throw some outdoor pillows on the ground, some lanterns with s some votives. you're expanding your square footage without a great investment.

>> one of the great things is you always do this affordably. when we're talking about chairs like this or side chairs or pillows, what kind of money are we talking about?

>> if you're a smart shopper and you're online on all the web site , you can find these so deeply discounted. the best time to buy them is in the wintertime. start your design then, store it and you have everything ready as soon as you have the first night day.

>> you mentioned bringing a rug and putting it on the line.

>> why not? there's all these outdoor rugs, you can hose them off when you're done and it creates an intimate seating thing and then can you sit on the floor.

>> and there are great fab rrics that are able to resist the sun and everything.