TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Matt and Carson play miniature golf

Miniature golfer Rick Baird offers Matt Lauer and Carson Daly some tips on the game, and recalls recently making a hole-in-one on a putting course 18 times.

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>>> and the arrival of spring means a lot of people are going to soon head out to the green. every golfer dreams of making a hole in once just once in a lifetime . could you imagine doing it 18 times in a single round?

>> i shot a perfect 18 in putt-putt.

>> meet golfer rick bard. he's actually done it, playing putt-putt golf in richmond, virginia, a feat only accomplished two times before almost 30 years ago. his accomplishment became the focus of an animated documentary. "putt-putt perfection" viewed nearly 3 million times. the final hole was caught on camera.

>> that's the 18 right there, folks.

>> the man, the myth, the legend rick baird is with us now.

>> we would have asked if there were others who witnessed this round but that was a tournament.

>> yes, it was a tournament in richmond, virginia.

>> putt-putt is designed so can you make a hole in one on every one. there's a lot less obstacles.

>> so no wind mills and clowns and things like that?

>> no. it's designed to be able to practice your putting for the golf course .

>> it's like billiards, though, angles?

>> you have to work angles, as you'll find out.

>> putt-putt was invented in north carolina where my mom's from so hopefully it's in my blood.

>> one-handed. rick, you've been playing for what?

>> i've been playing for almost 50 years.

>> and had you ever come close before to a perfect round ?

>> i shot 23 different rounds but this is the first time i had ever gotten that close.

>> when you had 17 in a row and you got up on that last hole, how nervous were you?

>> very nervous.

>> knees shaking?

>> knees shaking so bad, i can barely stand up.

>> look i am in pool, i'm visualizing like a bank somewhere here to here. is that the receiight thinking?

>> that's the right thinking.

>> rick, you take that.

>> i usually swear a lot when i play golf.

>> can we put this accomplishment into some perspective here. this perfect round in putt-putt has only been accomplished times in history. number of triple crown winning horses 11, perfect games pitched in baseball, 23, number of 300 games bowled per year, 50,000. all right, so you did something that is absolutely historic, rick.

>> yes.

>> do you play real golf?

>> yes, i do.

>> and how's your game?

>> i'm about a bogey golfer.

>> does it translate into a good putter in general?

>> yes.

>> i'm still winning, i'll have you know.

>> since you did this three years ago, have you been close since then?

>> i've shot 20 three times since then.

>> good luck.

>> here to here and --

>> whoever designed this course is --

>> diabolical?

>> definitely.

>> you're in jail over there.

>> rats!

>> see? doesn't matter how hard you hit it either. it's a wonderful achievement. i think the angle is steeper.

>> is this yours? do you keep it at home and practice?

>> no, this is something your guys made.

>> do you play in tournaments?

>> yes, sir.

>> when you show up, does everybody go running?

>> no, we're all good friends, we help each other and show each other shots.

>> what a pleasure. nice to