TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Pinks and pastels: Hottest spring fashion trends

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY’s style editor, tells us that skirts and tops in pinks and pastels are leading the pack this season.

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>>> we are back now with "today"'s style, ready to spring into spring. love to throw out those winter clothes , at least shove them into the back of the closet.

>> i said let me have as easter a color as i could.

>> we're going to look at four trends. we have a couple of models for each trend. the first one we've got -- we're looking at pink?

>> this is all about think pink . you are seeing pastels everywhere this season but really pink is leading the pack. what i like about this color is that it actually can work for so many skin tones. it's all about picking the right pink. barbara is in jeans but what you'll notice is she's in a cooler-based pink. so if you are somebody that looks good in stark white, you'll like to go for something that's more like a rose pink .

>> kind of a dusty pink that has more of a purple or blue. if you're somebody who looks better in cream or beige, you'll see on sabrina, it's more of a peachy pink. pinks are different. they really run the gamut from hot pink , but this blushing moment is really big. and at stores like kohl's, you can shop by your preferred color pink. and ann taylor , which sabrina has this beautiful blouse on, there are so many great pieces for work that feel not too youthful but really sophisticated.

>> i like how you put them together, kind of a monochrome atic look.

>> what has always been a fashion faux pas has been wearing denim head to toe . you'll see on corine, i actually really like the play of doing two pieces of denim. i think it's kind of a fashion forward twist, adding some bling. but then you'll see on nancy, you can really pick up a denim top and add it with white jeans. it's so a trend that you'll have for a long time. and nancy's shoes, i have to point out, they're denim flats. consider those like your jeans. they'll go with anything. they're a fun new piece you'll find. everything in this segment is under $100.

>> i love the sound of that. our next trend also is springy and fresh. the little white dress.

>> yes. i personally love that for years miss coco channel gave us the little black dress . but go with the little white dress. but pay attention to your accessories. don't do the flip-flop or easy sa sa sandal. get a more upscale look.

>> and prints, everything is geometric. sheep has the printed pant and striped top. she has this on from joe fresh but at old navy, you can find printed pants that come with a free top for $25. and this on the hanger would scare even me, the rocker from head to toe with that vest is very elongating. that's eva mendes at new york and company. great jumper, put a blazer on or vest to tame the print and add a new shoe. all of these are people you'll probably wear just beyond the spring, too.

>> the jumpsuit is really flattering. thanks so much to all of our models.

>> coming up, matt and carson get a little lesson in putt-putt from a real expert.