TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

‘Divergent’ star: ‘I had my own cheerleading squad’

Veronica Roth, author of sci-fi novel “Divergent,” and actor Ansel Elgort join TODAY to chat about the much-anticipated film adaptation of Roth’s book and Elgort’s newfound fame with the ladies.

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>> the first blockbuster of spring divergent starts tomorrow. it's based on a book where people are divided into factions based on virtue and the conflict that arises when some don't fit in.

>> i'm not like them.

>> and who is? they're crazy.

>> maybe i can go back to --

>> you can't go back. never going to let you do that.

>> i know but --

>> i think you should go.

>> veronica roth is the author of this hugely popular trilogy. good morning to both of you.

>> veronica, this book that you wrote in your last year of college in your rubber ducky p.j.s.

>> yes, well, it's looking really good.

>> i love how you celebrated when you found out your book was going to be published. i think we have a video of it.

>> how did you decide the best way to celebrate was to jump into the tub of mini marshmallows.

>> i always had a marshmallow thing. it was something i had put on the blog and i had to keep my word.

>> it's very hard to clean up.

>> you play caleb. you signed on for three movies. it suggests, first of all, you're not afraid of commitment but also you see room for growth in this character.

>> for me i couldn't sees in playing anyone else. just in terms of i'm so excited to play him over the arc of the whole trilogy. he really goes an interesting place and becomes the antagonist of the story. which is interesting because you don't want to always play the same thing as an actor. and it's cool. veronica is acting like let's wait to see what happens with with this movie. they're expecting a huge opening, bigger than "hunger games." are you ready for what that means for you?

>> i hope it does. the movie deserves have a huge opening. i'm from new york, from brooklyn and i want my life not to chang too much.

>> have you noticed anything so far?

>> i played basketball but that was in los angeles . i played on this sketchy court in hollywood and somehow this youth group showed up of 20 girls and every time i hit a