TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Sneak peek at Macy’s annual flower show

With the first day of spring on Thursday, there is no better place to celebrate the change of seasons than at the department store’s 68th annual flower show. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> we're back on a day that could not come soon enough this year, the start of spring.

>> i know, i know. this is great. by the way, has anyone had a longer winter than dylan dreyer?

>> no.

>> dylan spent more time in every snowy, sleety -- interest's another "s" word i'm not going to say. she's getting a sneak peek at macy 's flower show. she deserves it.

>> thank you. i'm just trying to be a chameleon, take it all in. the countdown is on. sun happens today, the day starts to get longer, ideally the temperatures start to get warmer and in some parts of the country, it already looks like spring. in southern california , azaleas are in full bloom and a popular wedding flower, a symbol of love, savannah, and in new york city we are just waiting on the daffodils. the official flower of new york city . but when you just can't wait any longer for those flowers to come out, macy 's is now bringing them to you. it is the 68th macy 's flower show. they have timed it out that these flowers will all come into bloom at the exact same time and that all starts on sunday. and it not just here in new york. this is at macy 's in philadelphia, in new york, chicago, minneapolis and in san francisco where this all got started and in washington, d.c. where it takes on more of a cher cherry blossom theme. and we are getting treated to this amazing quartet. they are absolutely incredible to listen this morning on the first day of spring. we will have much more coming up from macy 's and the magic on how they keep this secret garden alive.

>> dylan , thank you very much and congratulations on surviving your longest winter ever.

>> it's kind of hot in here almost.

>> too bad, doesn't complain.