TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Contestant's stunning guess on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

With just two letters exposed, a contestant guessed the winning phrase “new baby buggy” on his first try, and walked away from the long-running fame show with $45,000.

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>> call it the luckiest guest for a lifetime. things weren't looking so good for a contestant on wednesday' "wheel of four tune." he gets this puzzle and guesses four letters, all of which are right. all he has to go on are these first two letters.

>> you're a very good puzzle solver. keep talking .

>> new baby buggy . new --

>> that is unbelievable!

>> that is crazy. guy's name is emile. pat sajak has to frisk him. the guess was worth $45,000.

>> nary have i seen a story that provokes natalie to become a conspiracy theorist.

>> there's $45,000, not a lot on the line for " wheel of fortune ."

>> are you calling into question the integrity of pat sajak ?

>> it's great publicity for the show. we're all talking about it.

>> your chance to go on celebrity " wheel of fortune " just took a dive, sister.

>> meanwhile, savannah was reminded she needs a new baby buggy