TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

TODAY anchors make March Madness picks

TODAY’s anchors picked who they think will win the NCAA basketball tournament. Keep your picks coming with the hashtag #OrangeRoom. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> talking about march madness . carson is keeping track. who is winning, who is losing?

>> yeah, we've been slacking off at work, too. i think natalie just picked wichita state because you like the mascot or something, right?

>> yeah, i like the wushack. he looks like a french fry .

>> can you keep your picks coming into #orangeroom. and it's also been the #beard battle. they like you just the way you are, 69% no beard.

>> then they're going to hate november.

>> i'm going to do a handle bar.

>> i can't wait.

>> carson, who are your final four?

>> i can't remember.

>> florida and wichita in the final two.

>> florida , villanova, michigan and san diego state .

>> i have louisville, michigan state , florida , arizona and louisville.

>> all of our picks are on the web site

>> i have syracuse and arizona!

>> michigan state is number one right now. that changed. wichita state is number two, duke is four, kentucky is three. this is what everybody's doing