TODAY   |  March 20, 2014

Obama makes his March Madness picks

President Obama filled out his bracket for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, and picked Michigan State to win. Send us your picks to #OrangeRoom.  Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> march madness starts in ernest today. carson, a lot of people have brackets on the brain.

>> a lot of people have your face on the brain.

>> glad to hear that.

>> i think they were getting used to the rough and tough.

>> we'll have final numbers for you next time.

>> matt requests at that he be called " baby face " for the rest of the day.

>> but today this time of the year is when office productivity comes in question. we kick off march madness today. we got big basketball games happening, 64 teams, single elimination, president obama did his brackets, not so right. last time president got it right, 2009 , the president accurately picked new york to win it all. this year he picked michigan state . send us your picks, we'll reveal our bracket next half hour and more and more on your baby cheeks, mr. lauer.

>> michigan state anybody?

>> arizona.

>> wichita state . but it's coming up. carson has it.