TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

5 ways to turn winter trash into spring treasure

“Upcycling” expert Danny Seo shows creative ways to take a broken gutter, stray glove and broken snow shovel and turn them into a strawberry patch, a shelf for potted plants and a fun craft for kids.

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>>> do you have a glove that's lost his buddy or a shovel that snapped from heavy snow the winter? don't throw them away.

>> here to tell you how to turn winter trash to a springtime treasure is the author of up cycling, danny ceo. happy almost spring. you have a sharp object.

>> listen. that's for gardening. check this out. a lot of people during the ice storm , horrible winter. gutters are fall ago part. here's a way to upcycle into a spring garden on the fence. what i love about these gutters, they're designed for outdoor use. drill a couple holes underneath for drainage. it's as simple as taking strawberry plants, lettuce, herbs.

>> have your own herb garden .

>> when they grow, they'll hang down.

>> it's an awesome idea. that's a great idea.

>> you're one for one. next.

>> cool.

>> i love this. this is great.

>> these are shovels. imagine broken snow shovels. like what do you do with them? take a drill bit and drill into a tree.

>> does that kill the tree?

>> no. trees are really good at healing themselves. so over time they're going to grow back over the base. you don't need glue, concrete, anything. put plants on here.

>> drill holes?

>> feel careful walking by. that can be sharp.

>> they're pretty dull after the winter. put light, cocktails.

>> i'm exhausted from the pig. all right.

>> what is this?

>> stray gloves. this one is for you. you're over here. what you do, when you have your stray glove, take an old pillow and stuff it with the stuffing like muppets. you take craft glue. look at this. big eyes over.

>> i can't add a lot to this.

>> the more you add the better it is. so you just fill the whole thing.

>> do not criticize me. i'm making --

>> do you see the giant eyes? that's an old ping-pong. fill with a baby food jar, and it stands up right.

>> does it have a name?

>> it's peace. it's a peace sign. okay. look, you can do this. cute eyes.

>> i like it with a ring.

>> you're still talking.

>> if you have kid, beware of small things. this is a old coffee can. when you spray it, it gives a ceramic texture. this is really cool. we're going the to garden together now.

>> what's this?

>> you're going to take an old jar. into the jar lid not the jar. you mist with water. take like little herbs like this one. i've got water crest. you want know sprinkle? sprinkle the seeds on top. water it. you flip it upside down.

>> did you water it?

>> i can't get it back on.

>> you see what happens. in a very few short days you end up with homemade green house . how great would this be for the kid's project? you never have to water it again.

>> nice talking to you danny.

>> hope you got a lot of rest over the winter.