TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

How often should you wash your jeans?

Nina Willdorf of All You magazine offers TODAY some tips on how often to clean just about anything, including your jeans and duvet cover.

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>> many times can you wear your favorite pair of jeans before they need to be washed? two times , five times ?

>> never.

>> a lot of people say never.

>> if you're out riding cattle every day.

>> given what we do. well, we've got surprising answers to that and more here to test our knowledge and give us the guidelines is the executive editor at "all you" magazine. good to see you. it's all you, take it away.

>> thank you so much for having me. at "all you," we are all about helping you enjoy life for less. and part of that is taking care of your things so you can extend the life. and, you know, we're going to dive right in. here's our first question. how often should you watch your duvet cover or comforter? a, once a week, b, once a month, c, once every two months?

>> i say once a month.

>> b.

>> you're right, once a month. so the reality is, that, you know, dust -- you know, oils, they all get into your -- yeah, exactly. dead skin. once a month is really what you want to do. in 130, 150-degree water. and if you don't use a top sheet, then you're going to want to wash them once a week just like you would your sheet.

>> flush it in the dry cycle, too.

>> exactly.

>> we're right on track there.

>> number two, how many times can you wear your jeans before they need to be washed? two times , five times , you don't ever have to wash your jeans.

>> five times .

>> i would say five times .

>> on the money. so jeans, you don't want to overwash them because they're going to lose their color. but if you don't wash them enough, they're going to lose their shape. five times is the perfect rule of thumb .

>> five times .

>> and, yes, five times , you want to turn them inside out so they retain all of their color. and then let them air dry , use a steam iron on hot and that way they'll like soften. there's nothing worse than putting on a crunchy pair of jeans.

>> i hate that.

>> if you have designer jeans , sometimes you can let them go a little bit longer, they can retain their shape longer.

>> next?

>> how many times can you wear your bra? al, this is for you, before it needs to be washed. a, one time, b, four times , c, seven times .

>> four times .

>> you're right. you're winning this quiz. so four times . basically, what you want to know is a lot of people, let's air our dirty laundry here. don't ever wash their bras.

>> ew.

>> yes, this is what we've learned through a quiz.

>> anonymous quiz.

>> no one really wanted to tell their names. but what you want is every time you wear a bra, give it 24 hours break to have the elastic regain its shape and then have a couple in rotation. you can get four wears out of a bra before you need to wash it.

>> there's a lot of sweat in there.

>> i know.

>> wash that thing out.

>> not put it in the dryer.

>> that's the best way to do it.

>> how often should you wash your hair? a, every day?

>> i'm out on this one, too.

>> b, every other day. c, once a week?

>> every other day.

>> is this for men and women?

>> it's the same for men, women and children , too. that's the surprise here.

>> i say every other day.

>> you are right. so shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils. you want to wash it every other day, but, you know, if you're like me, sometimes you wake up and you kind of feel like you need to clean it a little bit, you can use dry shampoo. you can also take a shower and pretend like you're washing it and just not actually use shampoo.

>> i wash my hair, i have ethnic hair, you can't wash it every day, you have to wash it once a week. it depends.

>> what ethnicity?

>> the key is not every day, maybe less than that. depending on your hair type.

>> i think we're out of time.

>> so much fun. we have some lovely parting gifts for