TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

Giuliana Rancic on kids: ‘I would have 5 if I could’

Giuliana and Bill Rancic join TODAY to chat about the seventh season of their hit E! show, “Giuliana and Bill,” and offer baby tips to mom-to-be Savannah Guthrie.

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>>> 8:39 with a couple we've gotten to know well. the rancics are back. and picks up with the couple facing tough decisions about the future of their family. and guiliana and bill are with us. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> i know, we left you in the last season with a little bit of a cliff hanger . you were talking to your surrogate about whether she would be in for another baby. do we learn the results of this?

>> the very first season of the new season is her responding to us and letting us know whether or not --

>> we'll watch to see what happens.

>> april 1st , matt.

>> we would love to tell you guys, we tell you everything. but you'll find out first episode.

>> men and women view babies differently, okay. women often feel an emotional, almost gravitational pull to have a child. men are more practical or impractical about it. what are your views on this?

>> you know, i think obviously having duke changed our life. it was the one thing we've done that affected every decision we made that point on. i'm not in a hurry for baby number two.

>> you're not? this is news to me, rancic.

>> well, no, this is part of -- like you said, the normal discussion that men and women have in a marriage in a relationship.

>> was there any doubt in your mind you'd like to have another if you could?

>> i would love to have another. i realize -- we struggled so hard to have baby duke. i think we'll still call him baby duke when he's 13, by the way. i realized what a blessing it is. i would have five if i could. i don't know if that's in the cards for me.

>> it's a lot of tuition.

>> seven seasons, right?

>> yeah.

>> seven seasons of living with cameras following your every move. do you for lack of a better expression have some kind of a reality check at the end of each season, look at each other and say does this still work in our lives?

>> absolutely. and i think our show is so different. we made a deal from the first day we started shooting the show that we're going to use the show for good and not evil. that's something we've been able to accomplish the last seven seasons. we've tackled fertility issues, breast cancer , and there isn't a day that doesn't go by where someone says, thank you, my wife went in and got a mammogram because she watched your show. or, thank you, our family knows what we're going through as we suffer infertility.

>> reality shows are hard. and it has to do with what your foundation is like before you start the show. we had such a solid foundation that actually every season i feel like we're even more secure and more confident doing the show together. whereas if you have a shaky foundation to begin with, the show is going to tear you apart.

>> as the baby gets older, does that change the calculus at all? as he is older and goes to school, is it something you want to continue to do?

>> i don't know.

>> probably not. he's not going to be raised a hollywood kid. it's not in the cards.

>> well, it's always good to catch up with you two.

>> i know, right.

>> i'm going to get a little baby advice from you off camera. or you can tell us now.

>> we always have advice, savannah. don't get us started.

>> take turns getting up in the middle of the night . a lot of couples both get up. you've got to have a game plan the night before.

>> another thing, too, we do something called checking in with each other. literally every week, we just look at each other and go, hey, honey, checking in, how's it going? what am i doing that's annoying? i noticed --

>> guys, try it and tweet us. let us know if you like it. i'm telling you, check and just say, honey, what is working this week and what's not working? not just the bad, also reinforce the good.

>> you've got to avoid the internet baby banter. it'll drive you crazy. milestone, how come my son isn't talking or running, it'll drive you crazy.

>> and i've been on the internet already.

>> we want to give you a little gift, savannah. we have some, where are they? so i'm sure your child will have a beautiful, colorful life. so my life story will be a good one. i can already guess that.

>> it's going to be so good that --

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i love as he's saying we aren't raising hollywood kids.

>> you raise a hollywood kid.

>> thanks, that's adorable. great to have you. good luck with the next season. you can catch the season premiere with the cliff hanger being answered