TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

Kermit the Frog shows off new Twitter page

Everyone’s favorite green Muppet joins TODAY to reveal that he’s on social media, and explain how he keeps his skin looking young. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> the orange room which has a decided green tint this morning.

>> yes.

>> we're almost like we're in florida. we're like actual oranges.

>> you can see our special guest today. my career has reached the top. yeah. because of you.

>> that's so nice.

>> guess what, kermit is now on social media , matt, savannah and al. and take a look. he's got his own twitter page.

>> i do. i do.

>> is it @kermitthefrog.

>> which makes sense because that's my name. i was going to be al roker but it was already taken.

>> how many followers, kermit ?

>> you're only following, you're not following anyone.

>> no one follows me except miss piggy .

>> it should say one.

>> go ahead.

>> isn't that crazy?

>> people are asking kermit questions, guys. here's the first one. it says as you get older, how do you keep your green skin looking so young? basically, i have to say this is what an old frog looks like.

>> what else you got?

>> you're going to love this.

>> look at this, guys.

>> i love that. i love that. it is what is yours and miss piggy 's favorite thing to do on date night. we're different people. she likes romantic things, i like burger and fries.

>> what's the answer?

>> the only thing we do, we both found we love rolling in the mud.

>> good.

>> oh.

>> that doesn't sound very sexy, kermit .

>> no, you'd be surprised.

>> guys, keep them coming. questions to kermit . and this is the instagram account of the new movie. and because i've kissed so many frogs in my life.

>> tamron, you better hope you don't run into miss piggy .

>> uh-oh, i better watch out.

>> oh, whatever. back to you guys.