TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

Mom of Flight 370 passenger: ‘I want my son back’

Families of the passengers grow more frustrated and desperate for answers as the mystery of the missing plane continues to drive speculation. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> the search for answers is agonizing for the families of flight 370's passengers. and many of them are increasing pressure to figure out what happened and get better information to them. keir simmons is in kuala lumpur this morning with that part of the story. keir, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. before the news tom was talking about there emerged, really upsetting scenes played out here over the period about an hour. relatives came to the media to ask for help. they brought a sign that said they're getting different information every day. that sign was taken away by malaysian officials. we don't know whether or not they were trying to protect them from the media. there are many journalists and camera crews here, or whether they were simply trying to silence their protests. a mother breaks down, desperate for news. and collapses, she's taken away by malaysian officials frustrated for 12 days , now furious. the chinese relatives have brought a sign saying we hope the press can help us. we can't stand it anymore.

>> the families have been taken into this room, media are crowded outside just trying to talk to them.

>> reporter: in beijing, another relative holds up a sign saying hunger strike , return our relatives.

>> anger was boiling over in the room today. chinese families have been meeting with malaysian airline officials at regular briefings. but this one stretched out into an hour and a half that people challenged authorities.

>> reporter: but instead of clear answers, there have been more contradictions over when communication equipment was switched off and over the plane's direction. originally, officials said the last location was the south china sea , then it emerged malaysian military radar spotted it flying into the sea. finally, satellite communications saw it hours later possibly over the indian ocean . families left with nothing but speculation. i hope that plane was hijacked, this relative says. at least if it was hijacked, our loved ones will be safe. in the last hour, the relatives in kuala lumpur , they were taken and ushered away.

>> reporter: and before they were taken away, those relatives told journalists, they feel like they are in prison waiting in a hotel here. waiting for news. and who can blame them, savannah. after 12 days , hearing absolutely nothing of what happened to flight 370, where it is, who flew it, why they flew it and the way they did, savannah.

>> thank you. so disturbing and heartwrenching to see the families. and you can imagine their frustration if they feel they're getting the run around all the time.

>> it's not just a mystery for them, it's heartbreak.

>> more on that, obviously.

>> and in our next half hour, we'll answer your questions, and there are so many questions when it comes to flight 370. aviation and security, they're here, they're going to answer those questions. take some time with that in a few minutes.