TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

6 hot pet products Blake, Bambino will enjoy

Veterinarian Heather Loenser shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a few of the popular items featured at last week’s Pet Expo, including a car seat for your pooch, catnip toys for kitties and a maze bowl that will slow down dogs who eat too fast.

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>>> all right, you heard of the car show , the boat show, and our favorite, the food and wine show.

>> who knew there was also a pet show.

>> there is.

>> veterinarian heather lenser did, and she returned from the global pet expo .

>> she brought along some of her favorite products and a few furry friends for us. nice to see you.

>> hello.

>> let's see here.

>> start with something that passed the big test.

>> it did. it passed the crash test rating, the same thing you would test infant and car seats. this is called the pup saver. you put the dog in here, and in the case of an impact, this would fold over top of her like this, like a clam shell or a catcher's mitt and keep her from getting hurt in the car. and it can double as a bed. very comfortable.

>> how cozy. thank you. what's your dog's name?

>> sophie.

>> sophie, okay. this is the tugo. it was inspired by a guy who had a bowling ball that he drilled a hole through, after he saw his dogs going crazy with it.

>> what do they do?

>> they play with it on the floor and you can tell --

>> oh, my gosh.

>> they love it.

>> great exercise.

>> exactly.

>> look at you. it can be heavy or light depending what size -- you love your tugo.

>> he wants the other tugo.

>> let's not forget cats. cats love to play with toys with catnip in it but it is messy. it gets all over the place. this has the small of catnip in them already. this has ink in it that has catnip smell in it.

>> are those your cats?

>> you can give it to your cat and get them excited with catnip. even the paper bag has catnip in it.

>> terry, you have cute cats.

>> you're cute too.

>> thank you.

>> aly brought her dog.

>> he is eating out of a dog maze, slow feeder. these are very, very popular. and these help you -- help avoid gobbling up your food too much.

>> some dogs do. others just very gingerly -- but they go after it.

>> that's a great idea.

>> put the food in there and they have to work really hard to push the food out at either end.

>> that's frustrating. and they're all hungry.

>> this is for big dogs . my dog could never use this.

>> maybe. just try pushing -- little dogs are smart.

>> aly, how is your dog doing?

>> and we have my own dog jasper, he's wearing great stride and step from kirgo. if you tap on them, they light up, which is great. he needs them to keep his feet protected from the snow.

>> and the salt.

>> and then all terrain, use them for hiking.

>> have you seen dogs walk in those. they don't know what they're doing.

>> they look crazy.

>> you're a veterinarian. when is spring?

>> soon. i thought a veterinarian would know.

>> coming up --

>> speaking of spring and spring cleaning , keep their breath fresh as a veterinarian, i'm very much like to have clean breath on all my patients. this is tooth gel, they lick it, they lick it,