TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Maria Menounos: Reality show with parents is ‘scary’

Television host Maria Menounos is launching a new show on Oxygen that gives viewers a look inside her busy personal life, which includes having her parents live with her. Visiting TODAY with her are Maria’s traditional parents, who are adamant that she tie the knot with longtime boyfriend Kevin and start a family.

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>> the host of the entertainment new shows "extra" but now she has a new reality series .

>> including her parents because at 35, she lives with them. actually, they moved in with her. they're here too. the show is called "chasing maria menounos " and her parents are costas and litsa. they're greek. so nice to see you all again.

>> we met maria's mom and dad when they were doing all the catering on the movie you and kevin produced. this is a family affair , long time.

>> yeah.

>> what made you decide to put the camera -- get them involved in your day to day life?

>> it is scary, obviously, to kind of do this. kevin really pushed me. i blame him. but -- i'm a bit of a nerd, so i have to think things through. i had my pros and cons list and there were more pros than cons. the biggest pro was i never get to see my family because i'm always working. i try to bring them along to things as much as i can, but the biggest benefit is i actually get to see them. we're all working together in another capacity, which is so great.

>> did you want her to do this or --

>> a little bit -- i didn't want to be on camera anyway. just this is a good opportunity for me. and i want to tell her to get married and have family.

>> get married and have family.

>> he's using this as a platform basically to let everyone know he's --

>> nothing lasts. she's too young. for family, she's getting old.

>> mom, the man has a point.

>> go ahead, litsa. what do you think?

>> i think he's right up to a point. it is time to have a child, yes. you know. i want them to do it when they want to do it.

>> and there you have the show.

>> you're a traditional greek family, wouldn't you think? those things matter to you.

>> it matters.

>> you're very proud of her.

>> very proud of her. i'm happy. she's doing excellent. she's a hard worker. but, you know, she's --

>> you think it will make her happy?

>> exactly.

>> let's show a little clip. it premieres tonight. we'll see it again. here it is. this is a typical dinner.

>> i'm always, like, well, we feel like we're married. technically we are, common law married, twice over at this point.

>> we already have been married in our hearts and our souls.

>> oh, come on. you got to take the life -- what does life mean? marriage and family. that's what it is.

>> done.

>> and that's just the beginning.

>> here is the thing i say is that there are more women, i think, my age or around my age that are confused at this time. they don't know whether getting married and having kids is the right thing for them at this time. and so i'm not being selfish. i think people think i'm being selfish. i don't want to bring kids in the world until i know i can give them my attention. i'm scared. i want to be best parent i can be. and right now when i barely see my dogs, i look at them and say if they were kids, what would i do?

>> his point would be --

>> couple more years, not going to --

>> we got to say hello to you.

>> i love i don't have to be over there.

>> i love these kids. the truth is, once you do have a child, everything will change anyway and you will be the kind of parent that you have.

>> we are rooting for you, maria. the show "chasing maria menounos " premieres tonight at 10:00 , 9:00 central on oxygen. watch that.