TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Handbags, shoes, more: 12 items for spring

TODAY contributor Jill Martin helps get you ready for spring by sharing colorful umbrellas, faux flowers, handbags and shoes that are affordable and trendy.

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>>> we're back on this tuesday with more of "today." with spring just one day away, i hear it is tomorrow, may 19th -- march 19th .

>> someone told me it was the 20th.

>> we'll help you add pops of color to your life.

>> jill martin here with some outstanding ideas. we have drinks to start. how unusual.

>> well, we talked about, while you're flirting, i'm looking through the magazine. these have sugar already on the outside. make all different drinks, even kids' drinks in them.

>> okay.

>> our color me happy with drinks, of course. you look in the front and see all the umbrellas there.

>> we would love to, but we can't.

>> that's a great accessory to make your outfit pop.

>> you like to feel colorful and bright.

>> i'm so over this winter. anything that happens.

>> and the flowers. i kill everything, so at home i like to have flowers. these are faux nowers frflowers from pottery barn . sisters from los, candles and mugs all with different zip codes and cities on them.

>> that's cute.

>> they have everything there. that's really fun. also frisbees and bags. great gifts as well. okay. vests.

>> this has you all over it.

>> $39.90. i can't open it. it comes in this little bag.

>> we believe you, jill. you're also an author.

>> it comes out and great for packing.

>> mm-hmm.

>> fantastic.

>> nina handbags. everything on this table is $100, most under $50. these are great handbags, spruce up an outfit. that comes in size.

>> you don't need your bag.

>> that one matches perfectly.

>> shoes. a lot of gladiators, these may not be for you. but these have a lot of pump.

>> jcpenney has them starting at $35 and shoe dazzle $49.

>> russell crowe has moved on. now noah. everybody is still wearing the gladiator and he's so over it.

>> i don't wear them around, so you can't see them.

>> every pair you buy, they give a new pair to a child in need.

>> they have been doing that forever.

>> they're a great company.

>> i can't stand how -- oh, my god. that starts to make you crazy.

>> they grow so fast.

>> $32 and up. then a pop of color, we love statement jewelry, always in great colors, whichever you prefer. $48. so affordable, even if you want to get it as a present. for your countertop, beautiful, beautiful from west elm , starting at $24. beautiful jewelry boxes.

>> okay.

>> okay.

>> mac came out with this beautiful line, all beautiful colors and all new trendy colors, mac cosmetics , $17 and up. these are the newest nail polish colors.

>> that blue would look good on you. you go for the crazy stuff.

>> yeah.

>>, all different candies. i was in a flea market , this is rees peanut buttercup and this is a cookie. inside of it, a bake oreo or bake snicker or -- we ate these --

>> not enough to have the -- oh, my god.

>> mercedes, go online. is that the craziest thing?