TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Kathryn Hahn reveals her secret to sex scenes

Actress Kathryn Hahn stars alongside friend Jason Bateman in the new comedy “Bad Words,” in which she plays a reporter who tries to figure out why Jason’s character wants to hijack a national spelling bee. Kathryn says her secret to acting out sex scenes with Jason is to put three pillows between them.

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>>> actress kathryn hahn has been in more movies than you realize, from playing kate hudson 's best friend in "how to lose a guy in ten days," to christina applegate 's co-worker and anchorman with rob burgundy, she made a name for herself in many come disovdies over many years.

>> now she can be seen in the movie with jason bateman called " bad words " trying to find out why a 40-year-old man would enter a child's spelling bee .

>> it is weird. take a look.

>> not now, please.

>> guy, i need to work.

>> no.

>> why at the age of 40 have you decided to annoy educators, parents and children by forcing your way into a kid's spelling bee ?

>> can't you see i'm trying to sleep?

>> guy, i get one answer per tournament. i have three very paltry answers. it is time for my fourth.

>> welcome.

>> i'm so happy to be here.

>> we feel like we know you and yet we don't.

>> i know. we're total strangers. but it is fantastic to drink with you early in the morning .

>> we don't usually do it unless the guests insist.

>> we have to.

>> we can't be rude.

>> cheers.

>> cheers.

>> like tuesday.

>> we call it booze day tuesday.

>> i don't, but hoda does. okay.

>> so you just keep working and working and working and yet in a sense you get the best of both worlds because you can have an anonymous life too. you never look like you in the movies. we didn't know that was you. so beautiful in person, but they always take you make you look like the girl next door . do they even put makeup on you or a brush through the hair.

>> i feel like i keep the bar really, really low on camera, then off camera but there is nothing --

>> and you can work forever.

>> leading ladies will hate your guts.

>> yes, exactly.

>> you know how they get.

>> oh, yeah.

>> "bad ward words," i'm assuming this movie has bad words .

>> bad word and big words.

>> you heard about this movie, you thought you had to be in it.

>> yes. he is adorable. i can't believe this is the first time --

>> directing and starring.

>> his performance is so good in this film. you can't believe this is his first time as a director.

>> how was it being directed by a friend?

>> i know. and like the sex scene which is always amazing and complicated. we had a bunch of pillows between us so we could go --

>> she snorts. i love it.

>> we could go at it and not feel embarrassed. it was hilarious. we had three pillows between us .

>> you look so young. i can't believe you have a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old.

>> and one of them has a potty mouth on them too.

>> i try really hard to compartmentalize, to save it for mommy's job. but sometimes it slips out at home.

>> when she says something like that, what do you do in.

>> my husband and i, you can't give her power. you have -- you have to take it in and just ignore it. but the worst is when it is so -- when it is said so casually, just slips out, oh, sandal.

>> what do you do? do you do the soap in the little mouth thing?

>> oh.

>> i don't know if anyone -- do they do that?

>> people still do that stuff.

>> i had it once when i was a kid.

>> like i'm saying. it worked, didn't it?

>> obviously. find another punishment, because it made me want that soap more. in my mouth.

>> we wish you --

>> anyway.

>> i like her.

>> i like her a lot.

>> good luck.

>> you're sweet.

>> you come over here and celebrate with us.

>> oh, you guys, this was a dream for me, being here.

>> " bad words " playing in selected theaters but opens nationwide on