TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Kathie Lee: No one can flirt like Hoda

Hoda Kotb shares an article from USA Today reporting on KLG launching a line of wines, and the ladies discuss how one woman used Twitter to track down a guy she flirted with on a flight.

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>> hello, everybody. so glad you're with us today. booze day tuesday.

>> look who's back.

>> i'm back from sunny, california -- no, florida .

>> florida .

>> but they were both pretty sunny. one was rocking a little bit, california , but gorgeous in florida .

>> we missed you, by the way.

>> you had jenna.

>> you hit the jackpot in the weather department, as always.

>> we have been going down to this place in the keys for over 20 years and florida can be iffy. you know? we had a beautiful, beautiful weekend. i want to show you -- not that one.

>> wait a second. look at you with the sunset. who took that picture? it is not a selfie, obviously.

>> no.

>> i don't know took that or when. looking wind blown. is that what you're calling our sunset picture.

>> this is another one. just the sunset without you in front of it. i saw that one. that is it.

>> we were alone all weekend. who took that. there are staatellites in the sky. did a fun thing -- had a little reception, we'll talk about in a little bit, friday night at our place down there. the next morning, my dear friend emily wirda --

>> she changed her name?

>> no, people go, it is weird that your name is weirda, she's been put ing on something down at ocean reef called feed my starving children and i've never done it before, never been there before when they were doing it. there we all are in our lovely -- that's emily in the -- in that beautiful --

>> green.

>> sort of an aqua color. that's me way in the back.

>> holding up something.

>> bunch of us there. we packed over 100,000 meals in a day. i was only there for one of the sessions. my friend emily and her husband craig were there the entire time.

>> i like your haircut.

>> thank you. they send food to hungry children in this nation and all over the world. and it is a beautiful organization.

>> great video.

>> yeah. let me tell you what was fun for me. back to me, focus here. i came into work, and we get the newspapers and i read through them, a specific order and i always read usa today because it is the nation's paper. apparently everyone reads it. i went through, here's the first section, i breeze through that, i go to the life section. my favorite. i like to see the gossipy section. then i open to page 2 , angelina -- who is on page 2 ?

>> yep, sorry.

>> let's go ahead and get on in here. kathie lee bottles her enthusiasm. first of all, just look at the picture. have you ever -- you look like you're having your own little party. talks about your new wine line.

>> yes.

>> and i like that it is called gifft with two fs. the real gift has one f. yours has two, why?

>> it is a spin on our name. i'm well known for my love of vino. i decided to -- a gentleman came to me and said i think you need to go down that road. we partnered with a wonderful family, the scheide family in monterey county , beautiful california . and for last year we have been developing it and this is the official launch.

>> it is delicious. i was one of the taste testers after it was already made and i loved it. i have to say this article -- they write articles about us, different times, but this one, i think, who wrote it?

>> olivia. she's done us -- enough to know our tone and she's a lovely woman.

>> when you read it you laugh, because it reminds me of you, the lines and --

>> we did the interview as usual over at mary's pub. yesterday was the 36th birthday on st. patrick's day. anyway, thank you. chardonnay and red blend, i would love to know what you all think. thank you. now --

>> we have some great music downstairs. a group called well strung. since you've been gone

>> famous for their mashups and covers. they're all classically trained. i love them.

>> they're awesome. they blend like a kelly clarkson and mozart and you're, like, what is that?

>> good music. that's what i've been trying to teach you, hoda, for a while. what are we going to do about kanye. he has to get his act together. he's about to get married in june.

>> he pleaded no contest yesterday to the misdemeanor count of -- something against the paparazzi photographer. there was a scuffle. at the airport, it was so funny, we were asking for certain kinds of video, we're, like, should we get the screaming one when he's yelling, don't look at me, or the expensive one -- it is funny there are so many to choose from.

>> it seems to be a pattern of behavior. he pleaded no contest. he's got to have -- 24 episodes of anger management , he's got to go to.

>> we want to know what goes on in anger management school. what do they do? how do they calm you down?

>> i don't know.

>> do they poke at you with mean things?

>> defined as training for temper control. the skill of remaining calm.

>> maybe they yell things at you all day and you have to try to stay calm.

>> i can do that at home. why would you have to pay for that? who pays for that too?

>> good point. i don't know.

>> not that kanye can't afford it, he can. but here is what we always hear. the photographer's lawyer --

>> gloria allred .

>> it is always gloria. has also filed a civil suit against kanye west . i wonder what she does just to lay back and relax a little bit. where does she go on vacation? does she have a hobby? i'd like to know. if you know gloria, does she knit? she's always with the celebrity clients.

>> here is something. pretend this is you. you're on a plane and sitting next to a really cute guy and talking to him.

>> and it is going well.

>> before you know it, the plane lands and nobody asks for a number and you're like, bye, bye.

>> you're waiting for the other person.

>> maybe. but nothing connected. this happened to a girl on a plane and she was so bummed she missed connecting with this guy that she decided to go on twitter and she thought she was going to track him down. her name is erica . on american airlines . she tweeted something like at american airlines , met a cute guy on the plane, and tweeted some general things and american airlines responded to her.

>> but they couldn't give out any personal information.

>> yeah.

>> but they ended up helping her along the way, anyway, long story short, she found the guy.

>> isn't that weird?

>> and she said it was meant to be because he was in 2b. a little -- we reached out to erica .

>> and we do our own independent reporting.

>> like 1.

>> amanda called erica .

>> erica said that even though it is a public courtship, she's going to keep the rest private.

>> she's already learned a valuable lesson. no further comment at this time. sounds like gloria allred is representing her. now, somebody did that to you, would you find it creepy or flattering?

>> i was once on a plane with someone who i thought was really cute and we had a total flirt the whole way.

>> nobody puts on their flirt like hoda.

>> it was really --

>> you are to see it to believe it.

>> when it was over, it was over. it was only about the flight, just one of those things. but i have thought about him every now and then.

>> just like an occasional -- gl

>> you go, that was such a neat thing, but i didn't reach out and neither did he. he lives in denmark or somewhere like that. wales. it was somewhere over there.

>> over the pond.

>> anyway. okay.