TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

5-year-old girl collects gifts for cancer patients

Tuesday’s installment of TODAY’s series "Hope to It" spotlights Abby’s Purple Bag Project, a program that delivers chemo care bags to cancer patients. The effort was started by a 5-year-old girl whose grandmother had cancer treatment.

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>> a birthday request from a 5-year-old's sick grand mom has turned into a project to help others across the country.

>> and as you're about to see, this nevada family really knows how to deliver.

>> it's a pint sized packing party. 5-year-old abby warren and her friends make cards of support and put them in purple bags with books, snacks and clothing for chemotherapy patients.

>> i put like water and chocolate.

>> abby 's purple bag project started last fall when her grandmother went through treatment for breast cancer . instead of birthday presents, abby 's grandmother asked family members to donate gifts to other patients going through grueling rounds of chemotherapy.

>> they have to have it for like a lot of days. like, maybe 100 days .

>> we've explained that cancer's a sickness, a very, very bad sickness. and then the chemo, well, it helps kill the cancer, also kills the good things in your body, too, like your immune system.

>> thank you so much.

>> you're welcome.

>> we think about treatments being the big guns of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, but sometimes treatments can be something as simple as chocolate and really help people. every little bit counts.

>> abby became hooked on helping.

>> on the way home, abby was excited she was able to deliver bags, but was very upset there are cancer patients across the country that go to chemo without giving bags.

>> i said, if you want to do that, it's going to take a lot of work, but i'll help you. so we came up with the idea of asking our friends and family on facebook to deliver purple bags.

>> purple because of its similarity to the color lavender which represents cancer. and because of another simple reason.

>> because my grandma's favorite color is purple.

>> abby 's family set a goal to deliver 1,000 bags to hospitals.

>> thank you, sweetheart.

>> each time someone in a different state delivers a bag in her name, abby colors in her map.

>> we are going to donate $1,000 to a local charity with a similar mission to yours so they can help do good work just like you're doing.

>> so far, more than 700 bags have been given in abby 's name around the country. small acts of kindness that can have a huge impact.

>> here we've got a little 5-year-old that's thinking about cancer patients. are you kidding? that little girl ? oh, my gosh. that's amazing.

>> and our goal is to help abby , to give back. what she's taught us, you can't limit giving, you can't limit hope.

>> and this kind kindergartener hopes her project has no limits.

>> i like to give away, like never stop.

>> you can find more info about abby 's purple bag project at our website and if you know any people or groups inspiring hope in their communities, give us a heads up on twitter with the #hopetoit.

>> i love that voice.

>> abby .

>> cute.