TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Young ‘Game of Thrones’ stars talk ‘superfans’

Actors Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright join TODAY to chat about the epic show’s new season, and the frenzy of social media around the HBO series.

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>> drama returns to hbo in a few short weeks.

>> a lot has changed for the stark children who lost their father in the first season. and their mother and oldest brother during the infamous red wedding.

>> what happened to your family was a terrible crime. i didn't know your brother. he seemed like a good man, but i didn't know him. your mother, on the other hand, i admired her. she wanted to have me executed, but i admired her.

>> i love it. well, they play the starks. good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> for those who have not caught on the phenomena to what is "the game of thrones." first season, second season, third season, now going into the fourth. who wants to sum it up for me?

>> it's a lot of violence.

>> to sum up the whole thing. it's very confusing. there are a lot of different story lines. family infighting.

>> yeah, everyone's fighting for the throne.

>> everyone was talking about at the end of last season. this red wedding thing. set off a frenzy in social media . when you guys were doing this, did you have any idea that this scene was going to blow up the way it did?

>> not at all. i mean, i guess we kind of had an idea because people had such a strong reaction when the book came out. but, i mean, it was done so well. i didn't see it, so i had no idea how it was going to turn out. which was great.

>> people hate their reactions, and that went viral. take a look at some of them. i think tamron was one of them.

>> oh!

>> i like the people are taping reactions.

>> i know.

>> it's the best. i think they knew it was coming.

>> watching yourself, you know, watch it in communities.

>> someone who has seen it before and is like taping their friend's reaction.

>> people are like, no!

>> screamed out loud and i couldn't sleep that night. but what i love about "game of thrones," sophie, especially, strong women. i read an article after the first season that said this show represents extreme girl power more than any other show.

>> it does. the great thing about the writing is they've written these characters you don't really get to see. you haven't seen before because they're so strong and probably the strongest characters in the show.

>> well, you have two dragons, that makes you pretty bad.

>> that makes you the coolest character on the show.

>> your character, brand, doesn't walk. how does that translate for you?

>> well, to be honest, it's not really anything because, you know, i'm lucky enough to be able to get up and walk at the end of the scene. it's not like i really have to go through this. but i suppose there's no way to really truly imagine how awful it would be to basically lose the only thing that brand really, really loved. but it's not a challenge.

>> i was going to say where is the stark family headed as we saw after the red wedding.

>> everyone's dead, it seems. everyone.

>> except for the young generation.

>> yeah.

>> basically it.

>> speaking of presence, your parents have a presence in your lives. in fact, in the studio. for being young celebrities and stars. isaac, what are you? 14? i was going to up you to 18, okay. you're 14. how do you handle all this incredible praise from the public both online and, of course, in person?

>> it's -- i find it just really exciting.

>> yeah. all along social media and twitter and things, it's lovely to hear how people enjoy the show and stuff and what they have to say about us. it's fantastic.

>> there are people really huge pessimists about it. it's not they're regular fans, they're really super fans who absolutely love everything.

>> that's an understatement.

>> all right.

>> congratulations. good luck with this season. season four, "game of thrones" premieres april 6th on