TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Kate Winslet talks about ‘Divergent,’ new baby

Actress Kate Winslet chats with Jason Kennedy about her new film, “Divergent,” her film career, and her new spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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>>> 8:41 now. this is a very big week for oscar winner kate winslet .

>> that's right. her much anticipated movie "divergent" opens on friday. on monday she was honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame and caught up with e!'s jason kennedy .

>> at just 38 years old, kate winslet has appeared in over two dozen films.

>> you don't have the power to upset me. you don't matter enough to upset me.

>> in 2009 she won the academy award for best actress in "the reader." but it was her breakout role in the blockbuster film "titanic" that made winslet a hollywood star .

>> i'm flying.

>> on monday, the oscar winner was honored with the 2,520th star on the hollywood walk of fame .

>> did you ever walk down hollywood boulevard and say one day i want to get one of those stars? did that cross your mind?

>> no, actually, never really crossed my mind.

>> thoughts, emotions, history. all wiped away by chemistry.

>> people will say this is going to be bigger than "twilight." did you know anything about the books before you signed on?

>> no, i didn't. read the book and was asked to play the role and it just seemed like such an exciting challenge for me to play my first real baddy in a futuristic piece.

>> you were ruthless in this movie. did you enjoy playing the villain?

>> i loved it. i really did.

>> i want every divergent hunted down and killed. every single one.

>> i like, as well, there's a lot of newcomers playing some of these roles. it's just great. i still wasn't really that well known. and titanic changed everything in my life. it's just great to see the film industry embracing newcomers in that way.

>> you went back to work on "divergent" weeks after giving birth.

>> when ben was six weeks old, they said, i need you. i said how am i going to do this? i would feed and shoot and nurse and the milk would go back to the hotel and my equipment would come back, and we'd do the stunt and i'd act. you just do it, you know. and there's something really empowering about going, hell, i can do this. i can do all this. and that's the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must and you do.

>> we really don't know a lot about your husband ned.

>> no, you don't, do you.

>> can you share anything about him? what kind of dad he is? anything?

>> no.

>> keeping it private?

>> yeah. he's amazing. that's all i'll tell you.

>> among all your accolades, where does a star on the hollywood walk of fame rank?

>> i live in england. and when i go home, it's nothing like this at all. has a completely different humble normal life . doing the school run , you know. and so it's fantastic. you know, that's the great thing about l.a., you come to l.a., you get treated like a movie star like that. .

>> jason kennedy , e! news.

>> just lounge there on the