TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Everest? Oceana? New baby names based on nature believes the world map will be an inspiration for future baby names expected to gain popularity.

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>> all right.

>> i think it depends.

>>> well, before parents have to worry about too much homework, there's a question about what do you name your baby? you take inspiration from known places, but will parents take that to the next level, perhaps looking to nature? this is a predictor from the popular became naming website how do you like the name of this? everest lauer? nile guthrie, perhaps. what about beach daly. i'd like to be on a beach daily. and then there's oceana roker.

>> i think like the weather channel names storms.

>> there you go.

>> maximus.

>> popular baby names like dakota and savannah, they've encouraged parents to basically become even more ambitious.

>> more environmentally friendly.