TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Search for Flight 370 goes online

Several million people are trying to help find clues leading to the missing flight through Tomnod, a website set up for the search. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> feeling lucky?

>> you've only been married a day. wow.

>> the lottery.

>> yeah. he went there!

>> we won't think it.

>> estimated $400 million up for grabs in the lottery, the megamillions jackpot, that's the third highest in lottery's history. kerry sanders scooping up tickets in the nation's capital. good morning to you.

>> good morning. well, megamillions, like all the state-run lotteries is a numbers game . so this morning, here are the numbers behind the numbers.

>> megamillions tickets are now selling $137 million a minute. chances of winning the big money , 1 in 258 million. a woman is more likely to give birth to two sets of triplets.

>> quit my job, buy me a house.

>> i would help people.

>> and help yourself ?

>> of course. for the grand kids. things like that.

>> reporter: if it seems these days the larger jackpots are more frequent, it's because they are. three of the top four megamillion payouts have come in just the last three years. one reason for that, more players. in 1996 , only six states participated. today, megamillions is played in 43 states, washington, d.c., and the virgin islands . two days gamblers have wagered a staggering $35,206,034,941. and for the winners, payouts exceeded $17 billion. it's also been a boon for state governments . more than $12 billion in profits that pay for state services . now, in some communities, like massachusetts, that money goes to education. in others, it goes to police. there are only a few places where if you win you can keep your identity a secret. that would be maryland, delaware, ohio, north dakota and kansas. but trust me, guys, if i win, you're going to hear about it.

>> yeah. we're all going to know.

>> how about something for us?

>> kerry, thank you.

>>> carson, what's going on?

>> good morning. well, week two of the search for the airplane getting a lot of talk online. people are actually trying to help out with the search. there's a colorado-based company that has a project up online where more than 3 million people are actively getting involved in the search. here's how it works. you pull it up and you can tag parts of the search area. oil slick , wreckage raft or other. you can see, here's the search area, these are actual tags, 319 tags in this particular area. show you some of the places where people have found stuff they believe to be some sort of wreckage or something. they're saying odds are you're probably not going to find the plane, but what you are doing is ruling out a lot of areas and that's actually helping the process. if you're not online actually trying to help, you're turning to online for hope. here's a beautiful mural we found on a school. facebook pages going up. and, yeah, this is busy, people are talking about crowd sourcing and how it's helping in the search. guys?

>> thank you very much. appreciate it.