TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Pilot friend: Hijack ‘wouldn’t make any sense’

A friend of the pilot of Flight 370 pilot calls him “bright and intelligent” and a family man as investigators continue to look into the pilots’ backgrounds. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> we're attempting to cover the story from all angles. let's turn to keir simmons following the investigation from kuala lumpur . he's outside the home of flight 370's pilot, keir, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. this is the upscale neighborhood where the pilot lives. you can see, it is a gated community . it even has security guards , friends of the pilot are questioning why someone who lives like this would ever be involved in the disappearance of flight 370. each day, the mystery surrounding the pilot zaharie shah deepens. why would a well off pilot hijack his own plane, friends ask?

>> i will not believe anything until there's concrete evidence.

>> with his character and what we knew of him, just wouldn't make any sense.

>> those close to him produced this youtube tribute to the captain. has known him for 18 years.

>> bright, intelligent, inquisitive.

>> and a family man, three children and a grandchild.

>> they're feeling pretty isolated, i think.

>> captain zaharie's local mosque today, prayers for flight 370, the pilot seemed happy days before he and his plane disappeared.

>> the last time i met captain zaharie was a week before the incident. he was his normal self.

>> and he is reported to have a girlfriend, also a pilot. why would he be involved? and reports that a passenger who works as a plane engineer is under investigation. police say everyone onboard is being looked at. pilots, crew, passengers, as they try to solve this unprecedented case. and unprecedented means police have to investigate absolutely everyone, even a pilot who lives in a community like this. savannah?

>> all right. thank you very