TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Miley Cyrus’ lip tattoo: Is it real?

Kathie Lee and Jenna Bush Hager discuss the latest celebrity buzz, including the pop star’s “sad kitty” tattoo on the inside of her lip and Lada Gaga’s provocative SXSW performance.

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>>> and we're back on this fun day monday. and jenna bush hager is here while kathie lee enjoys a little time off. it is time for the "today's buzz."

>> here with the latest is entertainment weekly senior writer tim stack . good morning, tim.

>> good morning. happy st. paddy's day.

>> straight to gaga.

>> this is gross for us.

>> a little gross. yeah, so lady gaga performed this past week at south by southwest , the festival in austin. and she brought up on stage this artist, this lady named millie brown , who sounds like a grandma, but she actually is an artist who likes to toss her cookies on to people, and on stage like she'll like -- as part of a performance piece. so she did that very thing to lady gaga . she drank some green liquid and then, you know --

>> she made herself throw up on lady gaga .

>> on lady gaga . and then lady gaga performed the rest of her set covered in this, like, green --

>> that's disgusting.

>> that's gross.

>> gross on so many levels but demi lovato took --

>> she has been open with her issues in the past, went to rehab, and she basically said, like, you know, i think it is inappropriate that we're glamorizing bulimia in that way and she just -- she said she is still a little monster , which mean she's still is a fan, but we reached out to lady gaga is not commenting. but the lady, the art lady, millie brown , she was, like, free yourself.

>> what do you think ?n

>> i'm germophobic. i like purell. the idea of someone tossing their cookies on me doesn't seem --

>> when you have a show, we'll spray you with purell.

>> yes.

>> okay, lupita.

>> lupita nyong'o.

>> love her.

>> what is her lupita nyong'o is the hotte st lady in hollywood right now. and she actually met with j.j. abrams for a role in the new " star wars " franchise. j.j. is redoing " star wars ," coming out in 2015 and it is unknown what she would play because it is all very secretive, but, yeah, kind of exciting. she's really in demand. there is an online petition for her to play storm if they do a new x-men movie about halle berry .

>> her next picture will be very important, what she chooses.

>> so great.

>> so nice.

>> and has great clothes.

>> now, this is a shock, madonna and miley have new looks.

>> yes.

>> don't they have new looks every time --

>> they always have new looks. yeah. so miley got a tattoo, we think -- i don't know if it is permanent.

>> in her mouth.

>> on the inside of her lip. it is a cat emoji, hohoda.

>> you love cats.

>> i like cats, but i wouldn't want one.

>> it looks painful. it doesn't seem classic. like, is that going to run out of style.

>> cats never run out of style, from a cat lady , but that doesn't mean i'll get a tattoo.

>> and madonna also -- madonna also has a new look, she dressed up her perm, she dressed up as danarus from game of thrones, the dragon queen. she looks good. i can see her as a draggen.

>> sad news too from the comedy world. i saw it on nightly last night.

>> david brenner who is this great comedian from 'the 70s, he was a favorite of johnny carson , on the show like 150 times. he was a great comedian, he did observational humor, like the pre- jerry seinfeld , like richard lewis , he passed away this weekend after battling cancer. he was 78. such a talent, and, such a nice guy . he influenced so many people. yeah.

>> thank you, tim.

>> that was a lot of fun.

>> who is bernadette ?

>> bernadette . bernadette hager is her name. we call had her bernie.