TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

‘Psych’ stars: It’s been a great 8 years

Actors Dule Hill and James Roday, who’ve been solving crimes on the USA series “Psych” for eight years, talk about the show ending and what’s next for them and their devoted fans, who are called “Psychos.”

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>>> for the past eight years, they have solved crimes as shawn spencer and his reluctant partner on the comedy drama called "psych".

>> they're saying good-bye with one final take on next week's big series finale . take a look.

>> this is where we come in. i'm sensing this hole is ideal for a standard side pirates chest.

>> that's ridiculous. the ground is damp. it is our guy we're searching for and found, the fountain of youth .

>> you're clearly not accounting for the possibility of the lost city of atlanta.

>> atlantis.

>> i heard it both ways.

>> and they're both wrong.

>> you're awesome.

>> brilliant.

>> first of all, are you sad and depressed? it's over. why is it over?

>> you know, we had some time. we had time to post mortem and process it all. we finished shooting back in september, whenever it was. so we have been hugging and --

>> crying.

>> getting it all out of our system.

>> eight years, you're obviously -- you're going to miss each other. i can tell.

>> we had good times, it has been a great journey.

>> and the rest of the cast and crew.

>> we sat in vancouver, so that makes it extra tough, because all those people we loved for so many years are in a different country.

>> to have a series that runs eight years --

>> really different country? really?

>> kind of.

>> it runs eight years, it is odd these days, isn't it? to have something that works. what was the magic, the special sauce that made this thing something that lasted that long?

>> vodka.

>> maybe hoda and kathie lee will last this long.

>> and a little bit of bacon.

>> are you friends on and off the screen? what do you do off screen?

>> drink.

>> again.

>> very similar.

>> i'm noticing a theme here. we're noticing a theme. at the end of this, what is next? i know you're on broadway. we saw you in "after midnight." you're terrific. that will continue --

>> you have seen it.

>> i haven't. but i'm coming.

>> so one person that is wearing a green dress and black tights hasn't.

>> you'll continue to do that.

>> yes. and then we'll see what comes next after that.

>> and you're directing. you actually directed one of these episodes coming up the next couple of weeks, right?

>> i did. i did our last sort of kitchen sink horror episode. it was a lot of fun. sort of, like, our good-bye gift to me. they let me put every blood splattering thing i hadn't gotten to do yet into one episode.

>> you want to direct more?

>> i do. i made a film last year, before we went back to finish the series, that appears in -- i'm out shopping, like -- like an indy filmmaker. dvds on one side, my ten second pitch on the other.

>> you've been working on that for a while, haven't you?

>> that was like eight and a half years.

>> and working on -- from the pilot.

>> let's talk pineapples. that is such a theme in your show.

>> which is so bizarre.

>> who thought of that?

>> it is the international welcoming fruit. it is not that bizarre.

>> so actually i'm the one who is bizarre.

>> you're off base, jenna.

>> it is delicious. i don't have anything against pineapple.

>> it caught on with your fan base .

>> we continue to say prediridiculous things.

>> speaking of ridiculous, your fans are called psychos, right? what is the strangest thing that has ever happened with a psycho?

>> the fun thing about the psychos, they're not really psycho.

>> they're just psycho for "psych".

>> they're actually the greatest fans in history of television . including animal.

>> and they basically made the show.

>> what are they even talking about?

>> hoda, you had a chance to go with that. thank you.

>> since you love vodka --

>> this is your signature drink?

>> thank you, hoda.

>> cheers.

>> eight years.

>> eight years, you guys. you can catch the series finale of "psyc" on march 26th on usa.

>> we won't let you off the hook. you're not leaving