TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

‘Need for Speed’ among top Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg walks TODAY through some of the terms Internet users were searching for most over the weekend, including “Need For Speed,” and “billion dollar bracket challenge.”

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>>> a look at what people are checking out online over the weekend.

>> big day for college basketball fans. for the guy who played newman on "seinfeld," google technologist daniel seiberg is here.

>> have you filled out your brackets, by the way? no?

>> you're going to help me with that.

>> i don't know.

>> $1 billion.

>> that's the big search term.

>> bracketology. everyone can start filling out their brackets, looking up what the number one teams were. but billion dollar bracket was the one that was trending, as well. you probably heard, there's this challenge out there that warren buffett posed. you've got to get every single game of the 63 games right.

>> which is almost impossible.

>> it is impossible.

>> in fact, the odds are 1 in 9 quintillion. so you're saying i've got a chance. it's possible, but come on.

>> more chance of winning power ball .

>> okay. wayne knight , this one was sent to hello newman.

>> so it turns out, the rumors of his death greatly exaggerated. by wayne knight , all over social media . some people reporting he died in a car crash . turns out, of course, he didn't. he actually took to twitter and posted a note and said, gee, do you have to die to trend? thanks for all the love. i didn't know you cared. glad to be breathing. he had other humorous moments, as well.

>> you always wonder how that happens.

>> right.

>> well, next up, "need for speed" aaron paul .

>> yes, of course people know him as the emmy winning actor from "breaking bad." he's got a pretty big following. not surprising this movie came out. based on a video game from 1994 . people probably searching for the reviews and how it did. it didn't do so well at the box office .

>> finished behind "mr. peabody" and "300."

>> made about $17.8 million here. but did very well overseas. in fact, in china and russia did very, very well.

>> we'll see.

>> sad news.

>> yeah.

>> david brenner , a lot of people saying good-bye to the comedian on saturday. we learned he passed away.

>> 78 years old. he died of cancer and was known back in the '70s and '80s. one of the most frequent guests on the "tonight show." appeared more than 150 times, both as guests and as a fill-in host. he was known for his sort of observational humor . people were probably searching just about getting to know him, who he was known for. a lot of fans comics who went on to be successful. and the funniest thing, quickly.

>> yeah.

>> one of his last requests was to have $100 in small bills stuffed in his left sock. he says, i might need some tips where i'm going. he had a sense of humor to the end.

>> all right. thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>>> by the way, we want to let you know, the