TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Actress Maggie Q: ‘I was scared to go on Twitter’

Best known for the action series “Nikita,” the actress joins TODAY to chat about starring in the new film “Divergent,” and reveals how she moderates her social media use.

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>> to action movies, maggie q knows how to pull off amazing stunts. she jumped from soaring helicopters in " mission impossible 3 " and chased down bad guys on the tv show "nikita."

>> plays tory.

>> that's all right.

>> an aptitude test .

>> a "g" looks like a "q."

>> take a look at a clip.

>> you're going to tell your family that i sent you home, all right?

>> what was my result?

>> your results were inconclusive.

>> that doesn't make any sense.

>> no, not impossible, just extremely rare. they call it "divergent."

>> maggie joins us now. good morning, so great to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> i know you had to know how big of a deal this movie was going to be.

>> i didn't, actually.

>> no?

>> i hadn't read the books because they're sort of young adult -ish books. i want to think i'm a young adult , but i'm actually just an adult. and so i wasn't familiar with it. i sort of loved the script first. and then they -- i started to hear buzzes about, by the way, it's a big young adult book and it's going to be. you can never in this business depend on what's going to be. you have no idea.

>> true.

>> i took it based on the script that i loved and then it all kind of transpired the way it has.

>> it's about a future where you get divided into five factions where you're dauntless amity or candor. so in the film, you were dauntless.

>> i was.

>> but in real life , which would you be?

>> i mean, i think they casted right. i think i'm rooted in dauntless. we talked about this, we went on a regional tour together. and they asked us when we were 16 what we would've chosen. i think at 16, not that i don't care about people now, but i think i would have chosen abnigation.

>> oh.

>> i love what you do. you're a tough woman. and it translates, of course, to "divergent." what kind of training goes into this?

>> a lot. it's sort of pretty extensive. and what people don't understand is that you're also still getting, you know, like for example, "nikita" a 60-page script. memorizing that, training with the physicality, dealing with the things you're dealing with. it's a bigger work load, i think, than people can ever understand.

>> your character eventually as we showed that sort of pivotal role where you tell her she's a divergent. but because you're a tattoo artist , we thought we'd play a game with you.

>> oh, great.

>> and you have a couple yourself, as well.

>> i do.

>> with don't have the answers to these. we're going to show you the photos and you have to identify who the tattoo belongs to.

>> i hope they're famous.

>> this rapper/songwriter.

>> i know who that is eve.

>> very good.

>> al?

>> he rose to prominence in the 1980s television series "21 jump street ."

>> that's johnny depp .

>> that's good. captain jack . 2 for 2.

>> and finally, the last one here. the hint is she was born and raised in hawaii, she made her on screen debut as a child alongside her famous father.

>> yeah, angelina.

>> yes.

>> very good.

>> all right. great.

>> got them all.

>> well, those are pretty famous. they couldn't be more famous.

>> we do that for our friends.

>> name two of the most famous people in the world and i would have been right.

>> well, ticket sales are surpassing "twilight."

>> wow.

>> amazing.

>> phenomenal.

>> and you've already got two sequels.

>> we do. we're starting the sequel soon. i feel so blessed. it's kind of ridiculous.

>> have you monitored the social media ?

>> i do not, ever. i want to pretend i'm more involved than that. but i do it for different things and things i care about. in terms of approval and ups and downs .

>> the "divergent" fans, it's a whole other level.

>> it was weird with twitter. i felt like you have to be balanced in your life.

>> get ready for it. it's