TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Enrique Iglesias talks about new album ‘Sex and Love’

Singer Enrique Iglesias joins TODAY to chat about his long-term relationship with retired tennis star Anna Kournikova, and his new album, “Sex and Love.”

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>>> number one billboard dance songs on the chart.

>> more than michael jackson , more than prince, with the magic number of 13. he's getting warmed up.

>> yes, he is. speaking of getting warm, he's freezing outside. debuting the tenth studio album called "sex and love."

>> yeah.

>> what's that with the title?

>> the title. it's pretty straightforward.

>> i think so.

>> it's universal.

>> few things on your mind?

>> two words that can be so close together. at times very separate.

>> yeah.

>> look, when you listen to music and turn on the radio, most of the music. a lot of it is inspired by sex and love, let's be honest. when i was listening to my album, i said this is what it's about. and it's perfect. straight to the point.

>> absolutely. it's your tenth album. this one is also bilingual. does the music flow? do you hear the music when you're thinking about this in english or spanish? does it matter? does it even matter?

>> it depends. some songs were meant to be sang in spanish. some songs meant to be sang in english. there's songs that translate and songs that do not translate no matter how hard you try it. but look, i grew up in the u.s., well, i came here when i was 8 years old from spain. and i grew up speaking english, speaking spanish. i don't speak perfect english or perfect spanish.

>> neither do we.

>> you seem to have all languages perfectly. but i grew up in miami speaking spa spanglish.

>> i love that you stick to your roots, though.

>> had a great teacher.

>> a little gangnam style.

>> exactly.

>> songs in korean.

>> and you just announced you're going to be on tour with pit bull . that's exciting.

>> i will. in the fall.

>> the miami dance party machine.

>> it is. look, it's being on stage. that's when i'm the happiest. and going on tour. i love it. i would tour. if it was up to me, i'd be touring the whole time.

>> let's get to the questions of what the ladies want to know. why did you take a deep breath?

>> i'll be touring in the fall.

>> we want to know when you're touring, about you and anna, beautiful relationship over many years. so what's going on?

>> what's going on -- everything.

>> i'm only asking because it's on twitter. i would never ask about someone's personal life ever. so?

>> no, i keep my personal life as private as possible. but i --

>> great news. you said you don't want to get married.

>> it's not -- i didn't say i didn't want to get married. maybe it came out the wrong way. what i said is -- we are extremely happy the way we are. i don't think marriage -- i'm not against marriage by any means.

>> you haven't not ruled it out.

>> i have not. but if you're happy, i don't think it makes a difference. she's the coolest girl in the world.

>> i love that.

>> we're going to lighten it up with you.

>> she's watching us right now.

>> hi, anna. how are you?

>> all right.

>> time to play our game?

>> they want to know, twitter wants to know.

>> twitter wants to know. and a person who wanted to know on twitter was ana kornakova.

>> don't lie to me.

>> i'm kidding.

>> very good. all right.

>> enrique, great to have you. and you're singing another song coming up in a little bit.

>> thank you so much.

>> next time you want to bring pit bull , we'll have a whole party.