TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Matt: 'Monster party’ in the works for Savannah

TODAY’s anchors toast newlywed and mom-to-be Savannah Guthrie, hinting at some big party plans. Tamron Hall brings out some sweet baby gifts for Guthrie.

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>>> there's no bigger trending topic right now than savannah. married over the weekend. and now she and her new husband -- how does that sound? husband, michael, are expecting their first child. and we're getting a lot of action on this.

>> we have opened up our broadcast with the news in the first half an hour. and within the first 41 minutes, you dropped another bombshell. most of the viewers are writing in, savannah's secret is trending in the u.s. congratulations. really, just a well-wishing. huge bits of news. congratulations to you. everybody's very happy for you. and amazed you were able to keep it a secret in today's day in age where we're so social and viral that, congratulations.

>> i'm amazed too, and i'm so happy, it's been fun to surprise everybody at the wedding and surprise everyone this morning. we're so happy and excited and thankful.

>> we are busy planning a monster party for you later on. but we wanted to start off with a littler party right now and a few surprises. if we can bring in some of our friends.

>> okay. oh! thank you so much.

>> cheers, savannah.

>> look, here's a boy and a girl.

>> no.

>> there you have it.

>> there you go.

>> thank you so much.

>> to savannah and mike.

>> it was a beautiful wedding, savannah.

>> thank you so much.

>> cheers.

>> to your parents, your mom --

>> yeah.

>> and mike's parents, as well.

>> they waited a long, long --

>> must be over the moon .

>> he said, by the way, he said thank you for letting me love you.

>> yes.

>> literally, wasn't a dry eye.

>> that's when my mascara really started running. thank you so much.

>> cheers.

>> cheers. beautiful.

>> that's "what's trending today"