TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Blood Spatter Over Bed Revealed in Pistorius Trial

Prosecutors in the murder trial of athlete Oscar Pistorius showed new crime-scene photos that show what appears to be blood spatter on the wall above his headboard. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports. 

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>> get to the oscar pistorius trial. it's day 11. and prosecutors are laying out their case against the olympic sprinter. jeff rossen has covered this trial from the start. he joins us now from the courthouse. jeff, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. right now, prosecutors are trying to make that case for premeditated murder that oscar intentionally killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. when oscar got certified for his guns, he has many of them, he had to take a written test about when you're allowed to shoot someone in self-defense. they're trying to establish he knew the difference between right and wrong. in court this morning, reeva steenkamp's mother is back. she hasn't been here since day one, too disturbing. sitting feet away, oscar pistorius watching intently as prosecutors showed more crime scene photos of his bedroom, and mysterious blood spatter on the wall above the head board. remember, the shooting happened down the hall in the bathroom. on the stand, a firearms expert who didn't want to appear on camera going over oscar 's old gun exam.

>> -- off the windows and enter the house through the window. they start to remove it, can you discharge a firearm at them at this point?

>> oscar answered, no, life is not in danger.

>> turns out, long before shooting and killing reeva, which oscar says was an accident, he thought it was an intruder, oscar had another incident where he thought he heard an intruder.

>> he went into what we call code red or combat mode, in other words drew his gun. and when he came to the source of the noise, it was the laundry or something in the laundry.

>> but he never fired. self-control, proved prosecutors say, he shot reeva on purpose. so the big question now, what's next in this trial. we went straight to a south african legal expert.

>> in my opinion, only when oscar testifies, this trial is going to start. he's going to have to prove to the court that he acted in self-defense.

>> the prosecutor's theory that oscar and reeva got into a fight that night, but still haven't said what that fight is about. so do they need to prove motive?

>> in order to successfully prosecute oscar on a charge of premeditated murder , they will have to prove motive. maybe with the iphones and content of the iphones may come into play.

>> those iphones could hold the key to this case. who are oscar and reeva talking to in the hours, the moments right before the shooting? by the way, i mentioned reeva's mom june steenkamp is in court today. for the first time, oscar acknowledged her walking by, nodding his head. and i want to show you this moment, too. on the right, the brunette, that's amy pistorius, oscar 's sister walking over to reeva's mom, talking to her for a couple of minutes. they were talking for a couple of minutes. and they've talked before in court, as well. no question about it, savannah, both families have been torn apart by