TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Savannah Guthrie is pregnant with first baby

Oh baby! TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie revealed to guests at her weekend wedding to Mike Feldman that she is four months pregnant. “We are so excited, overjoyed and feel so blessed,” she said Monday on the show.

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>> tuning in, we wanted to tell you it was not a typical weekend for ms. savannah guthrie . she got married over the weekend.

>> yay!

>> just in the area outside tucson, arizona.

>> highly convenient. it was basically in the middle of the desert. it was a beautiful day . it was where i grew up. and it means so much to me.

>> you were a beautiful bride. can we take a look at the shot? this is your brother walking you down the aisle.

>> i thought he looked great. it was a little windy as al mentioned, but we had a great time.

>> it really was beautiful. it was such a gorgeous setting. at one point after the ceremony, the sun was setting on one side, the other we're talking about a full moon . it was beautiful.

>> yeah. the dinner site was beautiful. the candles on the table and you got up and gave a nice toasts and speeches. i had a blast. and i had one moment that was my favorite moment.

>> really?

>> i was going to share it. take a look at this.

>> this is nbc news special report . savannah guthrie .

>> breaking news?

>> i feel like it's breaking news. well, i -- well, we are -- going to have a baby!

>> dropped a bombshell, savannah.

>> i did drop a little bit of news.

>> wasn't the best audio i've ever heard.

>> we are four months pregnant.

>> congratulations.

>> some of us suspected.

>> i know. i know.

>> we know these things.

>> i know.

>> when you start refusing the wine.

>> we are so excited and overjoyed and feel so blessed. and it's funny, we set the wedding date, i bought my dress and then i found out. hoped and prayed i would fit in it. and it all worked out.

>> shrieks in the room.

>> people jumping up and down.

>> my friend melissa jumped up. you know that scene in "working girl." that's how it was. it just exceeded every expectation. people were so happy, and it meant so much.

>> how do you feel today?

>> i feel great. and actually, i'm so happy to tell the world. because i can't suck in this gut anymore, okay. and we've got a couple of tweeters out there who have an eagle eye and been saying you look a little pregnant. they were right.

>> there's no such thing as a little pregnant.

>> we're so happy. baby coming in late summer.

>> but overall, amazing that the news of the wedding and this news did remain secret in this day in age.

>> i know. well, that was really important to us. we wanted to have this private moment. we wanted that moment with our close -- it was a small wedding. and we wanted that moment to basically drop a big bomb on them. and it worked.

>> i saw some great reaction shots. people are like -- i got a picture of hoda where she's just in shock. there's matt. right after the big news.

>> great. again, lots to be happy about and we'll talk more about that later.