TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

East Coast faces new round of snow and ice

St. Patrick’s Day plans for millions up and down the East Coast are chilled by a late blast of winter. Snow and ice are here with another brutal storm. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> another story we're talking about this morning, yet another brutal winter storm with the start of spring just three days away . snow and ice are causing problems for st . patrick's day. kerry sanders is out in the elements in washington, d.c. kerry, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt, it is st . paddy's day, but where's the green? we already have about 8 inches in some areas on the ground here. because of that, the federal government offices are closed. if you're calling d.c. today, good chance you'll get somebody's voice mail. the airports in the area, ronald reagan airport is buried. those runways are closed. others are operating with a little bit of reduced service. more than 200 flights have been canceled or delayed. and schools are closed. kids are usually celebrating school days . but even the kids are beginning to complain after this winter. especially the teenagers who have the chore of shoveling. snow, snow, snow. this year, living up to its status as a four-letter word.

>> i'm tired of the snow.

>> it's been a long winter.

>> reporter: in washington, d.c. , technically the south as it does indeed sit below the mason-dixon line, it began this sunday at 4:53 p.m . total snowfall here in d.c. this winter, more than 23 inches. nine school snow days in montgomery county , maryland. four snow days for federal government workers.

>> all the contention in government. maybe another day off doesn't hurt anything.

>> in some parts of the u.s., residents complain it has felt like the endless season of snow. yes, even cities like dallas, atlanta and albuquerque have all learned this year to love to hate the white stuff. if misery loves company, consider you're not alone. egypt, saudi arabia , even israel saw snow this winter. in tiny dunbar, west virginia , so far this winter, work crews have dumped 70 tons of salt on the roadways, twice as much as usual. 17.7 pounds of salt for every man, woman and child.

>> well, i think i've lost 17 pounds shoveling this winter. so --

>> reporter: so, i'm in d.c. , but i live in south florida . so this all looks beautiful and fun. al, what am i missing?

>> well, the chance for you to get out of reagan is bad because it's closed and severe storms down in florida on st . patrick's day. so enjoy your time in