TODAY   |  March 17, 2014

Savannah Guthrie, Mike Feldman tie the knot

Congratulations! The TODAY anchor and her beau Mike Feldman got married in a weekend ceremony near her hometown of Tucson, Arizona, she revealed Monday on TODAY. “It was beautiful, just everything I could have dreamed,” she said.

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>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, st. patrick's day here around the country, everybody have a nice weekend?

>> yeah.

>> do anything special?

>> visiting with family in colorado.

>> that's nice.

>> changed over some of my spring wardrobe to look a little better.

>> i got married.

>> good.

>> i did a little spring cleaning .

>> so you went --

>> yes. oh, i got married this weekend!

>> yay!

>> yay! finally did it!

>> shall we look here?

>> yeah.

>> you've added to the collection?

>> yes. i'm an honest woman, finally.

>> and we hear it was spectacular.

>> it was beautiful, out in arizona. just everything i could have dreamed. so happy and i think that picture says it all. we did it.

>> who's the lucky guy ?

>> michael feldman . you know him well.

>> you're a beautiful bride and he was a handsome groom.

>> about a perfect setting.

>> really, really nice.

>> near my hometown of tucson, arizona. it meant a lot.

>> fantastic. and we'll have a little more on that, needless to say, later in the show. but again, it was wonderful. we're going to get more to that.